Authored by William Robert Barber

Within the presence of the politically aware, being against something does not require a rational reason. Indeed, “being against” can be irrational, even stupidly self-defeating. The power of being against means evidence to the contrary of one’s contention is irrelevant.

Once the determination is made to be against President Trump, no words nor action will cause a reversal of opinion. The power of being against intensifies if the cause of (one’s) “against” is questioned. Therefore, the “resistance,” a left-leaning cadre of against-Trump will never ever allow evidence, empirical, circumstantial, or otherwise to change their determination of being against.

Consequently, contrariwise (in my view an operating synonym of against) is an effective contention when the facts do not support one’s against agenda. Nonetheless, in our world of a media more bent on making the news instead of reporting the news a contrariety predicate is considered at a minimum fashionable. Some televised pundits, noting how often the use of a contrariety perspective is recycled, must find this perspective exceptionally  profound — perhaps even intellectually grasping.  In Hollywood, a contrariety declaration is a mandated believable; it does not require truthfulness, accuracy, or deductive viability. For those of the progressive liberal faith, a contrariety perspective is an accepted inductive principle even if observed by a bias blind third-party witness.

In the age of Trump contrariwise is the reliable bait, for comedians a fungible currency; it is the means with which the equity in media companies appreciates. Media marketers relish the interest conflict initiates; certainly, there is no conflicting a person as President Trump. Factually, particularly in the United States, the president is either the subject, the object, or the instigator du jour of every ‘news’ coverage enterprise. Trump the protagonist is the best tangible intangible the media of every ideological stripe has ever profited from.

For a person of conservative temperament it is a frustrating experience to observe the loss of the House of Representatives because of President Trump’s words, persona, and tweets. The man cannot get out of his own way; withstanding, his policies and leadership decisions are much more right than wrong. But then reality is not the sole barometer of one’s judgment of another. Illusion and the great god of circumstance coupled with serendipity play a disproportional part in the grand play of life. But then it is so very easy to be against…

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