The facts, the truth, and the result

The earth is round. Rainwater is wet. The sun will rise and set. These are indisputable facts. These examples of fact are accurate and represent, in today’s politically charged environment, the extent of universal agreement.

This nation’s intellectually enlightened leaders benefited from the very best education America had to offer. Many of these exceptional graduated top of their class and proceed onto attain unique even inimitable experience in government, academia, and business.

One could rationally believe that persons of such cognitive power utilizing rational deduction, logic, and innately induced sensibility, would once the subject is investigated and prudently researched deduce and therefore agree on the discovered empirical facts-of-the-matter.

Well no, these leaders that manage our government cannot agree on much of anything of consequence; actually, their disagreement is an everyday palpable reality; indeed, within the governing elected and appointed the clash of the inconsequential is copiously banal

The outstanding question is why? What is it that provokes the highly educated, the likely prominent intelligence quotient, to diverge, differ, and conjure conflicting opinions.

The answer is multi-purposeful. There exist a never-ending battle between the resolute and the decisive, the authoritative and the strong-minded, contrarians and the willful, the idealistic true-believers and the faithful political party loyalist, all high achievers, most possess stringent its all about me personalities. Wherein the interest of the nation can not be converse to the benefit of their political ambition or party dogma.

Congress and the States have passed hundreds of thousands of ambiguities identified as laws. When required, despite the abstruseness, a biased bureaucracy implements, and a judicial system interprets the meaningfulness of these legislative affirmations. The citizen so to comply judiciously relies on attorneys, CPA’s, and licensed experts to guide through the morass of legal obligations.

All of the after-mentioned influence the media. A business as interested in reporting the news as producing a story. To a noticeable, the press is as a novelist. They (the media) should preempt every newscast with the announcement: “based on a possibly true event.”

In essence, the enlighten governing leadership are inclined to endorse precedence then to challenge the established. That is until President Donald Trump rode into town. Now the inclination, even from the president’s political party, is to resist. Do not allow Trump a political victory. And, whenever possible embarrass, deplore, misdirect, and denigrate.

Seemingly, it is political affiliation and ideology that determines the decisions of our governing leaders. So pick a side and enter the fray.