The Meaning of Fair

The Meaning of Fair-In The Day-To-Day Drama of Contesting

The word fair as in just, fair-minded, or impartial, evokes positive thoughts and the predictive of an agreeable consequence. Society is partial to the process of fair. However, what’s fair is subject to a multitude of caveats, statutory regulations, and societal/cultural constraints; as a consequence, the decision and result of what’s fair, in meaningful terms, is calculated. For that reason, in the hard knuckle sweat and grind of daily life, the concept of fair is more a noble ideal than an actual.

The broadcasting companies CNN and MSNBC (after Trump’s inauguration) were messaging a public relations narrative to ensure a Republican did not triumph in the mid-term election. To attain a Democratic majority in the House, and of course, positioning a liberal progressive electoral victory in 2020. The founding emphasis of these broadcasters’ story was that President Trump was in cahoots with Russia’s Putin to win the 2016 election.

It, therefore, followed that progressive dogmatist in concert with a willing media suggested the impeachment of President Trump. CNN and MSNBC producers, regardless of blatant political bias, sensing a political slam dunk, gamed the network’s content to endorse the Democratic Party’s policies and issue perspective.

What’s fair has little to no impact on the day-to-day battle within the judicial system or the in-plain-view contesting of ideas.

Politicians and talking heads use the word fair as often as they evoke American values as the standard of what’s moral and ethical. However, as committed contrarians and self-serving opportunist, they all understand and practice the Machiavellian approach to truth, justice, and the American way. In essence, they all speak in the idiom of scattered deceptive wherewithal purposed to suspend, misdirect, or temporarily if not permanently set aside the truth of the matter.

We, the people, recognize these lies. However, we are inclined to accept (the lies) as artful articulation. That is as long as the lies track the ideology of one’s political tribe: and the beat goes on.

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