The Beat Goes On

Reelection, the requirement for status retention, is the elixir that prompts a politician’s intended; therefore, a politician’s motivation, respective of party affiliation, as with any governing body, requires a resilient measure of askance. Nonetheless, instead of skepticism viewers trust their individual ideological inclinations; the receptor of information inclines to accept the persuader or persuasion separate of empirical evidence to the contrary.

Television is the virtual reality show equivalent of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. The funding source of today’s televised Globe Theater, however, has nothing to do with a gate fee or ticket sales. And everything to do with the number of watching eyeballs. The 24/7 time frame coverage dictates a constancy of newsworthy events. The relentless competition encourages networks to free themselves from the hum-drum of traditional reporting to creating the news.

The attraction to the bright shining light of sensationalism has replaced the journalistic obligatory for truth-telling. Advertisers demand eyeballs the truth of the particular is an aside.

The story of the moment: Today’s televised melodrama produced and directed by Speaker Pelosi, with a highly vocal supporting cast such as Chairpersons Nadler, Neal, Cummings, and Waters has advantaged their media brethren indistinguishable political sympathies to advocate the Democratic Party’s political objectives.

Theatrically as if auditioning for a position as a CNN host or pundit, the Pelosi attention seeking supporting cast, scurrilously thrash President Trump, his family, and members of his administration. At the cost of thwarting or deferring the nation’s business, Democrats have scuttled the pretense of legislating in favor of investigations which include scripted rants, and purposeful histrionic theatrics. Antics and accusations aside, presidential office seekers passionately flutter the socialist-progressive ensign. They fly their ensign while striving to distinguish themselves from the two score or more competitors for the 2020 presidential election.

However, (from a conservative perspective) every offer of striving to differ is politically or economically more extreme and radical, then what might be labeled the elector’s ideological center.  I assume this movement to the political left of center is purposeful and establishes the talking points for the 2020 election.

The sharp dissimilarity of vision and political determinations in an election forces the voter to make a definitive choice and such is a requirement for 2020 presidential decision. Of course, if the Democrats fail, the investigations will continue.

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