Trump Will Fail

The current government of China will NEVER AGREE AND COMPLY. The basis of China’s governing system is authoritarianism; nothing less than a façade of totalitarianism, whose head of state, Xi Jimping, is dictator for life. The United States cannot beneficially trade with a counterparty that, as a matter of policy, manipulates its currency, steals, cheats lies, and deceives.

To postpone, as long as possible, inevitable confrontation, to eliminate the continuum of the U.S. capitalization of Chinese economic dominance, American enterprise must transfer existing Chinese domiciled business to other off-shore destinations or return to the purchasing of United States manufactured products.

Presently, American companies and consumers are financing Mao Zedong’s original “Great Leap Forward.” Ironically, greedy American enterprises addicted to the perception of something for a lot less as if suspended in a cloud of rainbows, lollipops, and wish-it-was-so, is dumbfoundedly funding the means of America’s demise.

The actual relationship between the U.S. and China is one of pretense and deception; a charade, a “death-defying” resolute of push and shove. China is amorally resolved, by means extralegal and unethical, to challenge the U.S. economic and military dominance. The contrarians of the United States as with the Senate of ancient Carthage will not unite in support of the president; (the president’s tariff policy) because the president is Donald Trump.

Except for Isreal, historically, the most powerful of America’s allies are native English speaking countries. Utilizing America’s economic and military strength as leverage, though the artful utility of diplomatic persuasion, America has heretofore led Europe to perceive, self-interest inspired, that following the administration’s guidon is their best policy.

Trump is not on the path to a successful outcome. Time will tell; however, the U.S. is out of time.

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