The Threat From Within

The liberal progressives, contrarian lefties and passionately committed socialist are engaged in an (often antagonistically expressed) divergence of predispositions. The contesting biases (are) almost always grounded on some variance of ideological conviction. These differing(s) of thought are intensely contested from within and without. However, irrespective of differences from within the collective hatred of Donald Trump in unison triumphs.

As to foreign policy: The progressives, lefties, and socialist, prophesize that lucid reasonableness will induce this nation’s enemies to compete in the marketplace of ideas and commerce instead of opting to a confrontation settled on the battlefield. The basis of such a belief is: That “smart diplomacy” applied with patience, faith, and the gentle persuasion of goodwill is the viable inducement to cogent behavior. Really!

As to the immigration crises at the southern border: The anti-Trump opposition blame the president for stopping the heretofore policy of sending hundreds of millions of dollars into these Central American countries. The United States until recently has for a decade-plus been sending these millions. Nonetheless, thousands upon thousands of Central Americans leave their nation for America. When one considers the 20 billions of U.S. dollars in remittances sent home by migrants into the Northern Triangle and compare such with the 560 Million of aid recently cut by President Trump, the U.S. cash assistance is a pittance. The thinking of Democratic (mostly) politicians that restoring cash assistance will (by some trickle-down good-will gesture) decrease the urge by the ordinary Central American to migrate North is ludicrous. Monies sent by the American taxpayer will never incentivize the have-not and have-little to remain.

America is once again under assault from within. Interestingly, the battle cry and standards are the same. The rich are too rich and the poor too poor — the solution: A decisive re-distribution of wealth and government-defined opportunity. Depose the existing systems of governing and worship the Greek Goddess Panacea. Wherein we (the people) will faithfully concoct the “elixir of/for living the good life.” The super-intellectuals and their cadre of appointed wonks, in the interest of the public good, will establish and enforce societal mandates. Egalitarianism defines what’s fair and just, as with liberty and freedom; individualism (is) replaced by collectivism. The government does all the thinking, and the people appreciate the benefits therein.

History has evidenced that our nation-state has experienced numerous examples of citizenry discontent, even violent rebellion. However, today’s issues and concerns, often falsely presented, are prompted and distributed with the stroke of a computer key. The press/media is decidedly a broadcasting platform of the Democratic Party. Disbelief has suppressed belief as to a go-to theme of immediate understanding. Self-reliance is old fashion. The ideals of yesteryear are in the present obvious indications of unwitting racism.

If the 2020 election does not elect Trump, reinstate a Republican-controlled House of Representatives, and add on to conservative Senators in the Senate America is highly probable to turn into socialist-progressive government.

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