The Differing

The proposals disseminated by the Democratic Party’s Left-Wing is perplexing at best and wholly nonsensical at worse. To comprehend the meaningfulness of the Democrat’s presidential hopefuls their why’s and how’s, plus striving to align the proposed nuts, bolts, pieces, and parts with any sense of clarity is a cognitive struggle. Which, of course, could very well be the reason I’m NOT A Left Winger.

Deciphering their proposed policies without the equivalency of a Rosetta Stone is for the conservative mindset a daunting endeavor. The transition from thesis to implementation without considering the challenge of Congressional approval could render Gordian’s Knot a simple untying exercise. Utilizing the blessed properties of good sense, prudence, logical deduction, and the powers of observation I do wonder how the politically inclined “Left” can justifiably arrive at their determinations? Possibly, those that reason other than as a conservative has an instinctual that automates wishing it to be so over the substantive.

Or, as with a leaf severed from a stem, the distance from plucked to landing rests with more than the velocity and set of the wind, but is also, at the discretion of indeterminable probabilities, somewhere during the journey of life’s beginning to end, one develops, by necessity, influence, or the mystical properties of circumstance and serendipity a particular socioeconomic inclination that harmonizes into a political belief.

There are scattered mostly set-aside differences between the liberal progressive and conservative basis of thoughtful understandings. However, in the main, the ideological contretemps initiates with the divergent interpretation of this republic’s constitution. The conservative highlights less government authority while the progressive encourages more. The progressive has an expansive idea of America’s obligation to serve the populous of the world; wherein, the conservative’s interest narrows to protecting America and its people as a first cause obligatory.

From observation, (bent by my bias), I have concluded that believers of the political left once persuaded, mostly but not always, discount evidence to the contrary as counter-intuitive. Facts, for progressives, are a secondary consideration to “the enlightenment of their truth.” For the progressives, the quest to establish, a Scandinavian or European model of governing in America is an objective that requires perseverance of beguiling deception, as well as, the tactics of Niccolo Machiavelli’s, ”the end justifies the means.”

Respective of my conservative beliefs, I appreciate differing opinions, belief systems, and the variant interpretations of persuasive understandings. As a traditional thinker, as long as, the counter-argument is empirical, I remain open-handed to the acceptance of the contrary of my thinking. The viability of my conservative philosophy depends on the persistence of Progressive Leftist and their socialist brethren to propagate their message. Contrast is integral to the development of one’s decision.

The Shenanigans of the Democratic Left

Historical evidence verifies that political campaigns as nasty, viciously malicious, scurrilously snappish as today’s has precedence. However, never has there been 24/7 at-will access to just about anyone (so inclined) to propagate instantaneously any and every item of opinion, rumor, or falsities. As a consequence, those on the political left have effectually ( with the aid and assistance of a compliant media) disseminated under the pretense of righteousness, what are duplicity, insulting insincerity, and defamatory lies.

Before the Democratic party’s debate, it was my understanding that the purpose of persuasion was to form a consensus. I was wrong.

The purpose of this field of Democratic hopefuls is to offer a contrarian perspective solely for the sake of creating and sustaining a chaotic rebellion. Their theme: “I’m against Trump.”

The imperators of ancient Rome distracted their constituents with games, bread, and beer. Democratic office-seekers vying to win the primary vote are promising whatever.

Inclusive with their catch-all promising prompted by the anxious throes of winning at all cost Democrats have disregarded the principle of due process; flouted rational deduction, and overlooked the sensibility of reasonableness. They have suggested and implied (without evidence) that the President of The United States is a racist, a traitor, and a “white nationalist.”

Advised on television by a left-winger regarding the treatment of the conservative constituency and their leaders that supports President Trump “pitchforks and torches.” These words, actions, and forecasting have the ring of the French Revolution. Tax the hell out of the wealthy is the declaration of one of the Democratic candidates. The Hollywood contingent, not to be outdone by the outrageous, have suggested: I have thought about burning down the White House. Another famous actor threatened, “I’d like to punch him in the face.”

President Trump’s administration has made the unforgivable mistake of success. The economy is purring along, as the president might say it, “beautifully.” Unemployment is the lowest of all recorded time. This sense and fact of success, for the left, is unacceptable. One popular television host, wanting to oust the president from office, wished for a recession.

The madness of the Democrats demonstrates their view of the world’s issues and concerns as well as their intentional resolution of same. I thank them for their frankness.