The Truth Of The Matter

Journalism is not truth-telling; it is an art form subject to the whims of the writer, editor, and publisher. It is a narcissistic endeavor that demand’s applause — consequently, the employment of almost truthful and just about factual are acceptable aims. In the newsprint business, salacious reporting often begets readership, which prompt advertising dollars that initiates more of the same. If on the other hand, reporting is actual, real, and free of hyperbole, but boring the eyeball count (readership) could decrease, affecting gross revenue.

The published characterization of “news” versus opinion has decidedly merged within the New York Times and competitor newspapers. The moral obligation of leftist progressives (in the interest of limiting Trump to one term) is to propagate and persuade the reader or the viewer to the acceptance of their biased political view. For these pretenders of editorial virtue, facts are subject to interpretative predisposition while truths subordinate to the whim of a capricious perspective.

The politically inspired righteousness of the writers, reporters, and jabber mouth critics believe that it is a reporter’s amoral obligatory, to pummel the president with scurrilous accusations while in disproportion lavish the Democrats with a panegyric gesture or two, even three.

Since the election of 2016 anti-Trump hysteria is the Democratic Party’s meaningfulness: Purposeful distortion of the truth, misleading innuendos, blatant conflicts of interest, inventive third-party derived rumors, interrogatories of libelous intent, baseless accusations, and forked-tongue deception. These descriptive(s) are the politically inspired lifeblood of today’s Democrats; the party has no hesitation, concern, or second thoughts as to the collateral damage incurred. Nothing is of consequence except for the ridding of Donald Trump.

Yesterday the crisis de jour was Russia today its Ukraine tomorrow only the Democrats know; though it all the president preservers.

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