Cognate believers of Machiavellian tactics Democrats of the intelligence committee march shoulder-to-shoulder, heel-to-toe; they dismissively parade; in lockstep to the drumbeat striving to eliminate the threat of Donald Trump’s participation in the next presidential election.

Deftly cloaked in the pretense of righteousness, they preen their investigation of the president’s (Ukrainian) conversation to service their political ends — charging that the president’s telephonic wordsmith is detrimental to the security of the United States, a violation of campaign finance laws, and just not presidential.

Leaders Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chairman Adam Schiff are racing to head off the expected results of D.O.J’s Bill Barr’s investigation into the 2016 election. Fearful that the forthcoming investigative report will evidence high crimes perpetrated under the direct orders of the Obama administration; knowing that such unlawful commands from the executive branch willfully besmirched the virtue and operational integrity of the institutions of FBI, CIA. It was the Democratic Party and affiliates led by Hillary Clinton that schemed, provoked, and financed these series of felonies.

Pelosi and Schiff feign a pretense of concern for the nation while they create multifarious divisiveness. Pelosi prays for Trump as she and her acolytes drive the stiletto into his back.

The fact of the matter is the supposed reason for discovery. However, the politically motivated interpretation of “the truth” has defied the normality of rational thought. Affixed to all explanations, questions, and answers is the prefix hyper or the postscript liar. The very concept of self-governance is questionable.

The dominant media is now the staffed fourth branch of the government; its sway and influence demand imposing attention.

The idea that fellow Americans would within the calendar of a national election decide to impeach a duly elected president is proof of George Washington’s concern that political parties jeopardize a functioning republic.

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