The non-elected & appointed

Acting on the perception of one’s self-interest is a steadfast natural human characteristic and the stimulus for a multitude of societal confrontations. Therefore, the reasonable and rational among the people created a republic wherein laws enacted by elected representatives counteract conflict with the intent to defuse probable disorder for harmonious stability.

However, the preceding is as much theoretical as it is in practice non-applicable. Laws require obedience, but instead, exceptions to compliance abound. Willful noncompliance penetrates deeply within the enforcement jurisdictions, including officers of the court, the police, and governing administrations. Another issue of concern  that is pervasive throughout:xcessive prosecutorial discretion.

The reasoning of the founders to write and ratify the U.S. Constitution was to enhance a citizen’s liberty, protect personal freedoms, while framed within a statute of laws that require adherence. Nonetheless, the Constitution subject to the whims of variant interpretations, inventive incarnations, and flagrant transgressions, almost from the very beginning of the republic, has been used by the majority, the minority, and special interest often utilizing Machiavellian means to achieve a result.

In unison, as if an organic symbiosis, by methods implied, explicit, casually asserted, or development by other purposes, the size of the U.S. Government has grown immeasurably immense.

In reality, within the vast U.S. Government is the hidden (in plain sight) régime of the non-elected and appointed. This bureaucratic force administers the process, manages critical personnel, and is in control of the governing procedure. They, them, and those innocuous ones, for the most part, have regardless of the political-ideological inclination of the elected have a secure lifetime position. In direct proportion to the size of the government is the power of the non-elected and appointed. Legislators pass laws the bureaucratic forces interrupt its meaning and then decide what part and with what emphasis to enforce the enacted statutes.

The Democrats committed to impeaching President Trump will settle for any or all violations of something that will stick, anything will suffice, but alas, all they could muster is speculative conjecture founded on hearsay and the sentiment of wish it were so.

As witnessed in the “impeachment inquiry,” according to the accusers, the significant combative issue by President Trump was his policies. The State Department employees that work for the president did not/do not agree with the president’s foreign policy in Ukraine.

Knowing the 2020 election motivations of the Democrats and the disagrees over policy among the non-elected and appointed it appears that impeachment is a little harsh, but of course, when starring at another four years of a Trump presidency, a wishful throw into an empty end zone to satisfy the lefties and socialist is dutiful.