Blew Up The Bad Guy

“Never-ending wars” should read, wars never end. Peace is a non-functioning idea, a foreign concept, an idyllic that in ten thousand years of recorded history has never existed. Why we cling to what has never existed is baffling. Conflict is the enduring mainstay of human deportment. Violent behavior is despicable; nonetheless, its predominance is the norm.

A nation-state’s a priori is the protection of its citizenry and tangibles. Our Democratic-Republic rests this responsibility coupled with definitive authority on the Executive Branch and explicitly on the President.

Yesterday, President Trump ordered the killing of the world’s number one terrorist. The leadership of the Democratic Party with “hair on fire” opposed the act as unwarranted and illegal. Coward in fear of Iranian retaliation, the Democrats, curled up in the corner of their crib and tremble. They cry out for justification. Assassinating an Iranian General with American blood stained hands requires at most a UN trial by a jury of his peers or at least a stiff warning.

The Democrats favor appeasement, Neville Chamberlain’s “peace in our time” rather than confronting reality. Trump understands that anticipation is an obligatory precursor of prevention — an initial cognitive tactic in the development of a comprehensive strategy. However, when a nation-state faces blatant confrontation, the only sensible response is the execution of a prodigiously sustainable offense whose single focus and sole acceptance is victory.

Our faithful friends speak English, share in Judeo-Christian culture, acknowledge and believe in political pluralism, and egalitarian principles. There are those NOT of the English-speaking culture for wholly justifiable self-serving reasons, side against Iranian interest, thus are viable allies.

There are millions of Muslims dead-set on killing Jews and Americans. Remembering that wars are never ending. Wish and hope for the very best in all peoples but prepare for the worse. The very best defense is a multilayered offense coupled with the will to act.

The forces are defined, battle lines drawn, the pawns and knights have made their moves, bishops and rooks await, the queen ready and willing, the king confidently overseeing future requirements.

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