About Bill Barber

Engage Yourself In The Right To Speak, Think, And Participate In Sensible Politics

Sensible political thinking, is it attainable? Are sensible thoughts possible inside of traditional party lines? Or are the only sensible thoughts coming from those of us hovering 1000 feet above? 

Our postings will foster open debate about contentious issues and focus on the thoughts, concepts, and solutions that have nothing to do with sound bites, or political victory – noting these posting are from a conservative’s perspective.

About our Author:Bill Barber

William Robert Barber (1944-)

International Businessman, Entrepreneur and Investor:

Born 1944, in Honolulu, Hawaii


BORN: May 23, 1944

EDUCATION: Attended East Washington High School, Washington, PA.

KNOWN FACTS: Served in the United States Marine Corp, Veteran of Vietnam, Panama Invasion, Desert Shield, and the 1st Gulf War

HOBBIES: Golf, with a prolific passion for political and historical writing. His newest novel is available on Amazon: “The Revenge of Team 33.” Barber has also written a screen play titled “Panama,” the film project is in development.

Bill’s professional experience is diverse:

Casualty Insurance Auto, Premium Finance, Reinsurance, Casino Operations & Funding, Route Slot Machine distribution in Europe, Casino Marketing Advisor for the Government of Panama, and Independent Financier. He has owned a 1/3 equity in a NASD Broker-Dealer and recently served as a consultant for the County of East Montgomery, Texas.

For the last 15 years Bill has owned a Nevada domiciled credit card payment business. Additionally, domiciled  in Los Angeles is a VISA-Master Card designated ISO company http://www.2CPUSA.Com. 

Rue Royale Fine Art LLC a lithographic printing publisher complete with lithographic representation of a wide range of artworks from world-renown artists. Go to www.rueroyalefineart.com for more information.

Bill has two sons and currently resides in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

2 thoughts on “About Bill Barber

  1. Dear Mr. Barber, I work for another conservative website, and I had a couple questions for you about your website. Could you kindly reply via email? (I assure you, I’m a real person! Not a phisher or robot.) I had questions about your posting and article content. I can be reached at jennifer.b.trudeau@gmail.com Thank you kindly.– Jenny Trudeau

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