Military Career

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Staff Sergeant William R. Barber
1st Force Reconnaissance Company
United State Marine Corps
Active: 1961 – 1967
Vietnam War
Desert Storm
Desert Shield
Panama Invasion
U.S. Army Airborne Certified
U.S. Navy Diving School Certified
Member of the Force Recon Association

Bronze Star Medal Citation 1965-1966

Assistant Patrol Leader and Scout with the First Force Reconnaissance Company, Third Reconnaissance Battalion operating in DaNang. Sergeant Barber participated in more than 30 long-range recon patrols deep in enemy territory. On August 10 1966 while acting as Assistant Patrol Leader of a 5-man team near the DMZ, a North Vietnamese Army squad was sighted. Responding instantly Sgt. Barber positioned his men in a hasty ambush killing 2 and causing the remainder to withdraw. He fearlessly advanced to collect enemy weapons, documents, and equipment. Sergeant Barber is authorized to wear the Combat “V”

Presidential Unit Citation Third Marine Division (Reinforced) 1965 – 1967

3rd Marine Division Successfully executed over 80 major combat operations, more than 125,000 offensive counter guerrilla actions displaying extraordinary heroism and outstanding performance in action against North Vietnam Army and Viet Cong forces. The 3rd Marine Division employed courageous ground, heliborne and amphibious assaults inflicting great losses on the enemy.

United States Marine Corps Certificate of Commendation 1979

First squad leader – 4th Marine Division – His squad and leadership abilities were singled out for superior performance during exercise Bar Frost 1979 in Norway

Nominated for Appropriate Recognition for Heroic Action – 1987

For an event that happened October 1966, near Dong Ha, South Vietnam involving a patrol of the 6th Platoon, 1st Force Reconnaissance Company. During a fire-for-effect, the radio operator was wounded and the radio destroyed. The point man, was severely wounded. When the patrol started moving out of the impact area, the point man could not move, Sgt went back to retrieve him and carried him out of the impact zone disregarding the great peril to himself.

United States Marine Corps Certificate of Commendation 1991 (recalled)

Outstanding performance for the Twelfth Marine Corps District Casualty and Family Assistance Team Member in support of Operation “Desert Storm

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