Authored by William Robert Barber

The Obama government is much more comfortable with the concept of “Hope” than the “take no prisoners” truth that defines this apathetic, “could-give-a damn” Darwinian survival of the fittest world. Even when evidencing what one deems as critically threatening to American interest, the president insists on “Hope” as the viable alternative to a persistently menacing problem.

The philosophic basis of today’s liberalism is one of hopefulness. As a liberal thinker President Obama presumes that man is rooted in good; therefore, all discerned exceptions to “good behavior” are the fault of some societal deficiency or Republican brainwashing.

The crux of the progressives’ political message is to point out the unfairness of the economic system. Directly and obliquely, Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders contend that unfairness derived from and perpetuated by the one percent is the significant cause of economic discontent. They imply and express that the elimination of unfairness is their raison d’être for seeking elective public service. Noting that after almost two terms of a democratic presidency the central issue of concern for Clinton and Sanders persists. Irrespective, the battle cry for elective office by democratic contenders remains a slight variation of “Change We Believe In.”

Firstly, I assume, Clinton and Sanders, in every instance, will define fair. Secondly, they will ultimately define fair in keeping with their ideology and the terms, conditions, and timing requirements of their political resources. However, differing only on the amount of tax dollars needed, these two presidential candidates have summarily agreed on the solution. They have promised to cure what ails with the dispensing of other peoples’ cash. “Spend more money” is the steadfast progressive solution — a solution the president whole-heartily indorses.

Premised on a naïve, fragmented, even incoherent displacement of deductive logic rest the founding principles of President Obama’s foreign policy. He thought that he could declare peace… in fact, he did declare peace and withdrew armed forces from Iraq while underfunding the entire U. S. Armed Forces. His administration now dances around the use of the word ‘combat.’ The man of hesitancy is bewildered, confused, and befuddled, all the while holding his breath until next January.

Domestically, his factious rhetoric has given cause to the disruptive actions of “Black Lives Matter.” He is the reason Secretary Clinton’s indictment for her email malpractice remains a republican dream.

Of course, no worries: we Americans have “Hope.” We will continue to believe that a good defense is superior to an aggressive, relentless offense. Surely, our enemies will realize Allah’s call to arms is a ruse enacted by evil beings. Thematically Obama’s belief is, if we treat Islamic fanatics with respect, they will embrace, in time, a secular’s sense of human values. Convincingly, there must be moderate Muslims who understand that those who cut off heads, enslave women, and burn people alive in the name of Allah are bad people.

Certainly, the immediate preceding is a descriptive of “Hope.” I prefer to believe in faith rather than hope: I have faith that our armed forces will destroy ISIS because our mission statement is explicit. Our planning is in place and our resolution assured because our nation state accepts nothing less.

Hundreds of years ago a Roman general said, “Si vis pacem, para bellum,” — “If you want peace, prepare for war.” Nothing has changed; the world is not any safer and Humankind is just as behaviorally dysfunctional as 1st century Rome. “Hope” is a wish-it-was-so, but it is not reality. Reality took down the Twin Towers. To think otherwise will lead to the end of liberty and the beginning of subjugation.


Authored by William Robert Barber

The American economy is unpredictable. Multi-millions of transactions executed by millions of Americans create subtleties, crescendos, diminuendos, and abrupt market variations; unpredictability is an intrinsic dynamic of ‘the market.’ The market instinctively vets and weans the winners from the losers. Winners and losers are the essence of an economy founded on capitalism.

The ideal of capitalism is in fact a principle of natural selection, adaptations, variations, and compromises, diminishes the ideal of capitalism and corrupts its meaningfulness. Mercantilism (as espoused by Trump) and socialism (promoted by Sanders) are varied forms of protectionism, a sort of statutorily compliant cronyism. Our present tax code is a perfect example of a corrupt perversion of capitalism.

The last one hundred and twenty years of Democratic and Republican administrations (with rare exceptions) have a distinctive commonality: they have all perverted and corrupted the meaningfulness of capitalism’s ideal. More significantly, prompted and fueled by the outlanders of capitalism and in direct proportion to egregious governmental incursion into the economic marketplace, cronyism propagates and overtly contributes to the diminution of liberty. A democratic republic cannot sustain its classic merits within a less than capitalistic economic system.

Donald is going to make this country great again. He is going to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it. Donald is an extraordinary man in possession of a great brain; Donald consults with himself… Does anyone really believe this nonsense?

Donald Trump does not understand… Bernie Sanders believes one’s birthright contains inclusive and exclusive surety… and Hillary Clinton is an amoral being, meriting (within her own mind) the authority and prestige therein.

Some Trump supporters are simply daft. Many are blatant opportunist. A few have just given up on the traditional politician. However, respective of the differing, most of the Trump supporters simply want what is best for America. There certainly is justification for their disgruntlement. The political class has not served this nation in the manner and form mandated by the constitution or good sense. Nonetheless, such justification does not warrant electing an ignorant demigod to the highest office in the land.

Donald is a prime example of cronyism. Of statutorily compliant corruptions, of buying influence, and valuing the result over the means he conclusively decides that NATO is no longer relevant. That our military outpost all over the world is just too costly, he argues that he is a harbinger. Did he foresee his four bankruptcies? Voting for Obama was puzzling, but Donald Trump as the leader of the free world, President of the United States! is an enigma beyond comprehension.

A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary’s presidency…