Authored by William Robert Barber

These fiscal battles being fought from sea to shining sea truly do define the dragon from the paladin; of course, because of differing ideological perspectives, the dragon and the paladin are exchangeable.

From my ideological perspective the dragon is without question the liberals and their progressive agenda. For example, in the interest of serving entrenched special interest, the Obama administration has created multiple fiscal machinations; these variable machinations are so intriguing, so fantastically written and delivered, that one could, depending upon viewpoint, easily contextualize either a melodrama or a comedy.

Though delivered as if nonfiction, these progressives actually live in a robustly ubiquitous fiction. Wherein, despite the federal monstrous deficit, the taxpayers should, out of a sort of noblesse oblige respect for liberalism, finance NPR. They behaviorally suggest that it’s just fine that state public employee union pension obligations are in the trillions. The remedy is obvious: Raise taxes on the wealthy. If this were part of the nation’s progressive taxation policy, more entitlements would be fiscally manageable. Harry Reid, a progressive leader, says unequivocally that social security, respective of evidence to the contrary, is financially sound.

Remember when Barney Frank told us Americans that Fannie and Freddie were just fine — that what conservatives were trying to do was ruin housing for the poor.

The distinct premise these progressives are trying to publically convey is founded on a supposition of the rational and reasonable. Their approach to the formulation of fiscal policy is striking the right balance; that there really is a distinction between spending and investing. They are broadcasting to all that will listen the proposal that no rational and reasoned elected representative of the liberal brand, particularly considering the present state of economic affairs, could possibly, consider simply dallying, dithering, as if they were obsessively eccentric ideologically motivated nincompoops. Oh no, these liberal Democrats are not thinking of 2012; they are not dancing so to eat up time so that this year’s budget will be muted by the arrival of end of the year…

Certainly, the Obama government has a living breathing snapshot of what the collapse of a welfare state looks like; surely, it is aware of California. A state that faces an immediate $26.6 billion dollar shortfall, an estimated half-a-trillion dollar public pension obligatory, and unemployment higher than Michigan. The reality is that California has 12% of the nation’s population and 1/3 of the national welfare cases. Now how in the world did all of the highly educated all-knowing wonks allow this counter-to-deductive-sensibility manifest? Well, here’s how: They borrowed and spent the people’s money as if state taxes and fees were on a guaranteed upward path. Naturally, in keeping with the stupidity of enacting and implementing a policy of wish, hope, and disbelieve in the empirically obvious, they were elected and reelected by promising more to those who have less and less to those who have more.

We ideological counter engagers are fighting for a period; we then retire to our corners, recalculate strategy, tactics, and venture out into the middle of the ring. Compromise has become (as it should be) a nasty possibility that neither engager contemplates as a solution. The Republicans are searching for a superhero to save the day… and the Democrats have their superhero.