Nicolas Sarkozy: “Redefining Capitalism”

Authored By William Robert Barber

         In keeping with the Sarkozy expression of the recent G-20 (London) Summit, one could deduce that the functional righteousness of capitalism as an effective economic operating system is being scurrilously assaulted and besieged by the socialistic governments of Europe.

         The assault on America’s brand of enterprise is vicious, relentless, and wholly without material evidence; indeed, persons within this country representing governments, unions, and academia are exercising the sensibilities of a ranting mob as they curse and defame the very economic system that economically enabled America to be the greatest economic power the world has ever experienced.

         I do believe that Obama and his faithful positively embrace the assault on capitalism because these accusations feed into the Obama design of implanting voter acceptance via the outcry of misplaced populism and more regulation. Excessive CEO salaries, AIG bonus, and more regulation is nothing less or more than a feign of political strategy so that Obama can covertly push the applicability of European socialism into legislation.

         The leaders of the Democratic Party are all leftists who embrace the ideals of socialism. They are enacting legislative measures wherein the long arm of government is registered and felt into every aspect of our country’s political, social, economic, and financial infrastructure. Regretfully, I also believe Obama and his faithful intend to align and embrace a world order with the goal being the disenfranchisement of American sovereignty in favor of a United Nations approach to the governing of our foreign policy.

         It was Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in their Manifesto that stated, “The condition for the development of each is the free development of all.” In the socialist doctrine individualism is suppressed in the interest of the collective. Individual competitive determination is no longer a measured consequence; the socialist government suppresses the outstanding in favor of the common denominator. “In the interest of fairness” is an Obama belief that corresponds within the contextual of a socialistic agenda. Such an agenda also bellows out claims of the wealthy class prosecuting the less-than-wealthy class; this sort of class warfare policy alignment is the exactness of the socialist and communist.

         Often the leaders of the democratic majority decry that the conservative republicans favor the wealthiest over the common; they point to either tax policy or the closed-loop favoritism they say is conventional of conservative governing as the example of such discriminating of the poor and middle class. Marx and Engels professed that the history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggles. The democrats indiscriminately utilize the populism of class warfare to stir the pot of inflicting class struggle into their bombastic propaganda. It worked for Lenin, and the democrats are thinking it is working for them.

         Obama’s economic philosophy is reflected in the adherence to the words of many socialists; no wonder the Europeans love him. “One for all, all for one!” was the battle cry of Alexandre Dumas’ Three Musketeers; the author surely couldn’t have anticipated that such a declaration of élan by his protagonists would easily fit into a reflective of Obama’s definitive economic message.

         It is not enough for the Obama faithful that the top 1% of American taxpayers claim 22.1% of adjusted gross income but pay 39.9% of all taxes. This top 1% paid nearly double the proportion of their income in income taxes.

         The top 10% earned half of all income but paid a full 20.8% of all income taxes which equates to 13.8 million taxpayers paying 75% of the entire income tax bill in 2006. That year, there were 135.7 million tax returns equaling 8.1 trillion dollars.

         The great and overwhelming number of Americans pays 3% to 0% of their adjusted gross income in federal taxes. There are of course payroll taxes, which are supposed to be used to support a social insurance fund wherein upon retirement there would be proportionate benefits. Of course congress has forfeited their trust in the American people and used the funds to pay for other services and cover costs that have vacated the intent in the interest of stupidity. If congress was a private company, we the people could sue for damages; but in this case only congress itself could correct such a wrongful act.

         Liberals, leftists, and socialists – only a fine line separates them – just do not understand why I reject the concept of putting the majority of my money into their hands so they can decide what is in my best interest.