Authored by William Robert Barber

The deliverance by Obama and Biden that the stimulus is and was a good thing, inclusive of other such instances of delusional disingenuousness, has finally pushed me into wondering if these guys have any hold whatsoever on even a semblance of reality. Frankly, I thought that Biden was more or less acting out of fidelity to the President and that Obama was adhering to his political ideology. But after the continuum of empirical evidence that blatantly contradicts the words that leave their mouths, I am now questioning their competence.

This mind-numbing questioning of mine is a burden of recent and now intense encumbrance. My concern is directly pointed to the administration’s veracity. I have cause to doubt the administration’s comprehension of clear and relevant economic, as well as political, events. My wonderment is now at a crescendo causing me some bafflement and confusion. The most recent actions and supporting rhetoric of Obama leadership is counter intuitive, bordering on downright stupid.

Logical deduction normally discerns the distinction of success or failure; a leader, (normally) when confronted with any material objective, changes the strategy or tactic if failure is the prevailing result. Indeed, followers need to believe in the leader’s ability to discern and adjust the effort if such preceding effort does not produce the desired result. But not this president or his team of political/economic advisors: Instead, they double down on their insistence that either the message was not delivered succinctly or that a variant of counter-parties distorted the truth of their appeal.

I am close to diagnosing the Obama administration with a not-so-rare, but nevertheless lethal, behavioral disease, known as “Bataille de Verdun”; the first know exposure was in 1916. Before it was contained it had caused an estimated 700,000 casualties.  It seemed that British soldiers could not adapt their traditional tactics to the new technology. Therefore, despite the deadly effect of German machine gun fire, one battalion after another repeated the linear shoulder-to-shoulder charge — respective of the utter failure of advancement. Thousands of warriors stepped toe-to-toe without changing their tactics; obviously, the result was a devastating loss of human life. I conclude that the flower of the British Empire was lost on the fields of Verdun. Considering Obama’s first year in office and his reluctance to stop, reevaluate, and change so to adapt to a new empirical reality, he is marching shoulder-to-shoulder in linear formation, pushing forward his all but soundly rejected agenda.

The Obama government actually does much more than simply doubling down on their precedence. Actually, for the political purpose of prevailing, they are participating in a Kabuki dance of their own design. They are choreographing this dance minute-by-minute and day-to-day. There is little time for rehearsal and as a result a certain amount of disagreement among the dancers is evident. The administration’s dance is calculated to win the debate. To forthrightly distort the truth by means non-explicit or explicit is just the price of winning. Confederating with those of media simpatico, the Obama staff purposefully misdirects the message with half-truths, almost the truth, and implicit exaggerations. The Obama advisors lamely excuse their original forecast of limiting unemployment to 8% with the shrug that the recession was much harsher than understood at the time. Of course the old (wearing thin) stand by of blaming George Bush for everything is still high on their list of the reasons for their failures.

Recently, Biden took arrogant disregard to a new level by unabashedly affirming to an international television audience that the success in Iraq was a centerpiece of the Obama administration’s example of sound-positive governmental stewardship.  For such idiocy in the face of evidence to the contrary Vice-President Biden deserves the Medal of Audacious Impertinence.

When it suits them they are harbingers, mind-readers, and the very essence of viable interconnectedness in understanding the rational means to a justifiable end. They are the a priori of super-intelligence as to resolving the nation’s economic, social, fiscal, and foreign policy issues. Otherwise, if things don’t go as forecasted, they are the innocent provocateurs of justice, governmental transparency, moral righteousness, and the very ethos of Americana tradition. Yes, they have a super majority in the House and until Mr. Brown’s victory, controlled the Senate; but still, in the face of their super-intelligence, the Obama democrats are stymied by a Republican party of no.

It is a hard cruel world for Obama and his band of innocent provocateurs.