Authored by William Robert Barber

“Never Trump,” the battle cry of and from the disenchanted who obstinately pledge a no-vote for Trump. How incredibly stupid is that! Imagine the thought process of the “Never Trump” cadre: These otherwise conservative Republicans are asserting their sensibilities of conscience. A moral vector deep within their ethos of righteousness has prompted these otherwise conservative voters to enlist (by not overtly voting for Trump) in the election of a liberal progressive with a proven track record of habitually lying to the American people. Effectually, these righteous ones, prompted by a binding moral obligation of their own creation, will directly assist in the election of an immoral/amoral person to the presidency of the United States?

Interestingly, the “Never Trump” movement is sprinkled with the crème de la crème of the respected intelligentsia of the conservative perspective. Their brethren of such electoral dumbness includes spiteful politicians, political operatives, as well as the contrarians of sanity who cannot get past the fact that Trump, against all odds of doing so, won the primary.

Trump’s policy flip-flops, his constancy of wasting time and resources while responding to personal issues of collateral importance, his off-the-cuff speechifying initiating subsequent clarifications, his inclinations for panegyric self-indulgence, and his habitual exclamations of assertions that are often scurrilously inflammatory — all of these behavioral dysfunctions require modification or deletion.  

Mrs. Clinton’s judgments, just on the Libyan debacle, without considering the loss of life in Benghazi and her insistence on faulting a video as the cause du jour, plus lying to the families of the Benghazi fallen is sufficient evidence of her dire lack of trustworthiness and an inescapable example of operational incompetence. Of course she will continue the willfulness of progressivism, the purposeful extension of Obama-ism, and the Europeanism of America.

Amazingly, the “Never Trump” entourage concedes the effectual counter-to-the-constitution results of a Clinton presidency; and still, they persist in their anti-Trump declarations.

If Hillary Clinton should win this election and the Republicans lose the Senate, we can kiss the land of the free and home of the brave away… because we conservatives will be the fox, hunted by the hounds.

Certainly, the “Never Trump” folks will be part of the blame…


Authored by William Robert Barber

For thousands of years, mankind has influenced, reconfigured, synthesized, shaped, molded, and redirected nature’s naturalness. The inventiveness of man has discovered – and more importantly, utilized – the energy of fire beyond the wildest imagination of the original discovers. The organizational skill of humankind has engineered monolithic pyramids and built the metropolis of today. Imagination and curiosity have provoked and inspired the process of thought into sophisticated philosophies; science has solved problems of perplexing dimensions. Civilization has advanced.

As a perfect example of the advancement of civilization, the founders of this nation state created and established a constitution to guide its constituents through the expected political, economic, and conflicting entanglements anticipated in the business of governing. Such a constitution was the empirical proof of mankind’s ability to compromise special interest particulars of the few for the concern of providing a greater good for the many. There is little wonder that numerous Homo sapiens living in the present would reason that government and governing is nothing less than another achievable challenge.

Therefore, leaders of a special persuasion have taken this challenge on in the belief that by organizing the operational scope and power of government to suit their ideological prospective, the beneficiaries (ostensibly the people) would, per pragmatic deduction, welcome the result regardless of the means.

Hence attestation emerged wherein the meaningfulness of the constitution could be translated and interpreted to suit an ideological prospective. That in keeping with assorted translations and interpretations of the constitution, leadership representing a particular ideology, would maneuver and manipulate the governing systems to configure and fit their purpose. Interestingly, these ideologues respective of their special interpretive all acted in the interest of the people; not one persuader suggested a motive of personal gain; not one acted to promote the improvement of the rich. All acted for the benefit of the common and poor.

While configuring the meaningfulness of the constitution along the ideals of their progressive agenda, Obama and his administration of progressives are imposing their ideological standard. Once again the published motivation is one of fairness for the common and the poor. They viciously point out the rich and the corporations as the villains of society. They note greed as the transgressor, positioning fairness of equity and the righteousness of their political-economic policies as the sublime counter alternative.

As if intoxicated braggers, for the Obama progressives, the sobriety of sensibility has been diluted by the toxicity of their leftist elixir. For these believers, capitalism is the culprit of preference, conservative ideals the enemy, and Machiavellian precepts a necessary tool of the moment. Their solution is wealth distribution via a hyper-progressive tax policy, tighter federal regulation, the abatement of fossil fuels in favor of green energy, preferring government subsidized entitlements to the American tradition of individual acceptance of responsibility for one’s livelihood, and in the finality the substitution of a republic for an oligarchy form of governing.

The policies of Obama are beyond challenging — they will not work. His ideals of fairness are incinerating harsh and bitter friction between the social, ethnic, and economic classes of Americans. His promises exceed his ability to implement. His ideals are best discussed in the closed-loop safety of a university; his allegiance to unions a betrayal of good sense. The ideals of Obama governess will not create a positive economic or political environment; they will only drain the treasury, siphon the patience of the American people, and weaken this nation.


Authored by William Robert Barber

Winston Churchill wrote that “Capitalism is the unequal distribution of wealth. Socialism is the equal distribution of poverty.”

Adam Smith is considered the father of modern economics; he wrote about the “invisible hand” of free enterprise. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are credited with creating an economic, political, and philosophical basis for state control or ownership of all material resources and assets. In the present, the liberal progressives of the Obama brand have chosen a synthesis between Smith and Marx. Their Obama brand is heavy on state control and light on free enterprise.

Obama is a socialist. But most of all, he is a politically inspired leftist zealot; he will do or say whatever is necessary to attain or retain his power. Over the last hundred years, this nation has leaned far to the political and economic left; plus, if one considers the validation of the last presidential election, one could reckon conservative principles mortally wounded. As a consequence, Obama and his acolytes accepted the last two presumptions as truthful, so plotted and planned the coup de grace to American capitalism. Of course the progressives along with impairing capitalism also wanted to rid America of its sense of exceptionalism. So not to offend its brother and sister nations, it also wanted America to cede its pride and unilaterally denominate its power and prestige.

I do think there is a common thread, distinction, or predominate hue amongst socialist, dictatorships, and Obama’s liberal progressives. As a matter of procedure and process, all capital mandated by legislation or edict in the form of tax, license, or fee must first funnel thru the federal treasury before distribution to dedicated entities or concerns.

Obviously, this transactional funneling of cash aside from promoting begging and corruption is the central government’s means of exacting retribution, rewards, and absolute control over the states, counties, cities, and therefore the people.

For those of us who believe that society exists for the benefit of individual people, that government intervention in the interest of the collective is unwarranted coerciveness, and that there should be no constraints by the government as to individual achievement…beware!

If free enterprise is the exceptional basis of Americanism then there is a resurgent’s of a heresy. This heresy, for a substantial portion of the populous, has an instant emotional appeal. The thesis of this heresy is fraught with stimulating calls to and for societal reformation. The context of this heresy required Wilson, Roosevelt, FDR, and the Obama government to use heretofore extraordinary methods and means to exact its ideological agenda. The empathy for this heresy is global in scope. It is well regarded in all political environments. The Europeans love it. The heresy is embedded in universal theology and particularly popular amongst the academic intelligentsia.

The heresy is founded on the premise that the lack of equal status be it social, material, or political is the root of all human negatives. Hence egalitarianism (the heresy in subject) is the universal answer. And most importantly, the political exactness of this egalitarian belief is that the state is the best and final arbiter of any and all nuances, definitions, or particulars of and for policy implementation. Although feigning concerns of social and economic injustice the expediters of this heresy are focused on politics and hell-bent to attain power.

The heresy has and does have many differing names: socialism, communism, anarchism, left-libertarianism, and within the last 150 years or so, progressivism. All of these “isms” profess economic, political, and legal egalitarian virtues. The ethos of this heresy is premised on an oligarchic elitism. Whereby; ostensibly, in the interest of the collective community, those few who ‘knowingly understand the meaningfulness of material issues and values” will lead the many who know far less.

The newest version of this heresy is Obama-ism. The president and his confederates of political progressive persuasion have cleverly traversed their way into power. They managed their entrée the ole fashion way…they got themselves elected. Now their heretofore campaign rhetoric has run into the real world; wherein, smartly expressed and cleverly designed falls anemically short of required. Within the Obama economic team, academic theory has run its course, predictions failed there delivered with zest benchmarks, billions of dollars have been spent with very little to no results. The cry for the empirically measured is pushing and pulling it way onto the center front of the economic-political mainstay. The Obama economic policy is being dissected, deciphered, and dismissed as counter-productive, wasteful, costly, misdirected, and possibly even counter-intuitive.

Withstanding the measure and failing grade Obama persists…well, November is just around the corner.