Authored by William Robert Barber

The election results of Tuesday, November 3, 2009 were classic and pivotal. The Republican wins in Virginia and New Jersey did signal a vector to the political right. I believe the Democratics’ defeat indicates that citizens are wrestling with the “whole truth” of the entire Obama-Pelosi-Reid concept of governing. The results of the most recent national election is no longer an indicator of future electoral outcomes; “In the spirit of change we can believe in,” things have changed.

Voters are specifically apprehensive on three topics: The economy, the deficit, and the nation’s high percentage of unemployed. The Democratic response to all of these voter concerns is a 2,000 page document of ambiguous nonsense called Universal Healthcare. Then there is the dead-on-arrival-at-the-Senate Cap & Trade Bill; the one that passed the house of Pelosi with six Republican votes. This, followed up with Geithner’s treasury, seeking to enhance its power by undermining the means of entrepreneurs. All the while, the TARP and Obama stimulus folks are busy spending — or should I say, giving away — billions of dollars to either Democratic political interest or simply issuing these billions into the Obama department of the abyss. Now if this is not enough to angry voters, the Democratic majority is knee-deep in creating the largest deficit ever while Mr. Biden and company are inventing the number of jobs created or saved.

Respective of the results of the last election, one cannot lose sight of the political objective, the one continuum of vigilant regard, the never ending fight for conservative principles and values. Winning an election or not, it’s never over.

Prepare for 2010. This is an election of all-or-nothing consequence; the true test of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama’s governing acceptance. This election will be the definitive affirmation or discard of the liberal progressives’ brand of governing America.



Authored by William Robert Barber

Unless elephants learn to fly or by means other than the Democrats’ pre-recess playbook on ‘the selling of healthcare to the great unwashed’ which heretofore was vested in the now debunked hypothesis that Obama’s hero-protagonist popularity will put down the ‘blue-dogs.’ After all, controlling the conservative wing of the Democratic Party is a Pelosi ‘give-no-quarter’ requirement for the eventual success of her liberal-progressive legislation.

Well, not only were the conservatives within the Democratic Party not swayed to be put down, the draconian persuasion of the liberal-progressive wing back-fired in a manner that not even the great modern day Machiavellian Rahm Emanuel could envision. The great unwashed, with passive outrage, questioned the motivation, legislative integrity, and sensibility of not only a nationalized approach on healthcare; but took the occasion to question all of the federal government’s actions since, and the months leading up to Obama’s inaugural.

There is a prevailing point of view that President Obama’s version of nationalized healthcare will fade into the abyss of compromise. The compromised version will not have any of the material characteristics of the original; nevertheless, Obama will declare victory and move on to other legislative issues in his pursuit of implanting a pro-union expansive government, coupled with higher taxes, all the while, if applicable subordinating governing policy, agencies, departments, and the state school system into a pro-socialist populism that is designed to degenerate and substitute traditional American values for those of the secular progressive.

Of course, it’s not over until the fat lady sings, there is a chance that Obama will not compromise his single-payer vision; presently, the Democrats are huddling. The notables of the liberal progressives are licking their wounds after running right into the people’s double coverage and stubborn disregard. Their liberal progressive offensive might be staggering, but they are far from dead. They know full well that they desperately need a new down field play, or national healthcare will be benched until next season. I expect a surge; a new strategy will appear before September 15, and this time they know the extent of their opposition.

Interestingly, every time the great orator stands to explain healthcare, the proposal’s negatives rise even higher; the populous clearly disagrees with the Obama and Pelosi version of healthcare legislation. For passage, things look bleak, but then, the Democrats are resourceful. Surely they will package a new approach before attempting the political suicide of reconciliation.

If the Democrats insist on a single-payer nationalized approach to healthcare, such an adherence is another example of ideology triumphing over governing sensibility. In the last six months the tax-and-spend Democrats have, by a marathon, out-distanced the spend-what-we-don’t-have Republicans; clearly, the choice for the American voter is the worse of two incompetents. It is obvious, both political parties have strayed off the fairway and into the rough; not sure if they will ever find that little white ball of prudent governess. It seems very unlikely… just as elephants that can fly.