Authored by William Robert Barber

Whatever the cultural ethnicity, including American Negro, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, Indian or other… does any listed race of people actually believe that the police in America are hunting young black men? The answer is no. No one believes that the police is out to “get black Americans.” This myth, perpetrated by progressives and stoked by the usual suspects within black leadership, the liberal media, as if truthful, is instead a big fat factoid.

Interestingly, the very perpetrators that are aggressively protesting such as the “Black Lives Matter” organization do not believe their own chants. The disrupters, those that destroy property, confront, intimidate, and threaten police do not believe that the police are provocatively seeking to kill young black men.

Claims of police brutality is over and beyond simple exaggeration; factually, these claims are pure fabrication. The voluminously quantifiable evidence of nationwide data spanning decades of police arrests and representing thousands upon thousands of arresting incidents prove the absolute contrary of this popular myth.

Nothing seems to stir the angst of the usual black leadership suspects and the likes of “Black Lives Matter” as much as a white police officer shooting a black American citizen. These white on black incidents are rare. Nonetheless, when a black man shoots another black man or child in Chicago, virtually nothing is the response — it’s actuality brushed aside. No mention, no protest… the liberal media ignores the violence whiles the progressive Democratic machine that governs the city of Chicago receives another pass.

Imagine if the Dallas shooter was white and a supremacist who was a former soldier: Instead of shooting white officers and wanting to kill white people he wanted to kill black police officers and black people. Clearly, the liberal media would point to his motivation, concluding the shooter was a hater of black people. Noting that his violent behavior was indicative of the average white police officer who acted out his racist inclinations overtly instead of covertly; obviously all white people have a deep ceded prejudice of and for black people.

The number of exceptional black Americans recalling their fear of stepping outside because a police officer may approach is an outrageous lie. A black pundit on an established news program actually said that the average black man must also worry about black police officers because they want to please their white superiors or because a black police officer must act white — wholly ridiculous. How many black Americans fear traveling down certain neighborhoods in the dead of night? These very same black Americans, as with white Americans along with every demographic of Americans, rely on the dependable police officer to keep them safe.

When the Homo Sapiens migrated out of Africa into Europe, they met and engaged Neanderthals; surely, both races were startled and apprehensive of the other. Sometimes the response of each to the other was violent; withstanding there is proof that on the other hand they mated. Tribes in Africa, Sunni and Shiite Muslims, Catholics and Protestants, to this very day have found cause to act dastardly to each other. I do believe that we humans must monitor each other. Crime statistics is a provocateur of apprehensive adversity. A police officer is cognizant of such statistics. When approached by police and ordered… obey the order; the sorting of lawfulness is always an action to be attended to in arrears.

Let us confront reality, not a manmade myth…