No Need To Justify The Means

Management was pleased with the bashing Trump narrative. For the liberal progressive leaning distributors of the newsworthy, the storyline was fiscally lucrative, politically potent and it usefully injured President Trump’s election integrity and supported the Democratic Party’s resistance insistence. Pundits and program hosts, the show’s talent, were elevated to a celebrity lifestyle status, their comings and goings interest rivaled MGM’s golden age. Until one afternoon, Henny-penny, the advertising consultant of television media, while diligently forecasting next quarter’s revenue Attorney General Barr reported: No collusion, No obstruction.

Suddenly, as the result of Foxy-woxy’s Mueller report, parts of the sky fell and landed squarely on the integrity of past reporting. Henny-penny had a grand mal. Befuddlement ensued. “Now, what?” cries out the media consultant? “Trump is not a Russian agent. The consultant whines and moans, “neither he nor any member of his entourage colluded with Putin. ‘Hair on fire,’ Trump is not a traitor. There goes our golden goose of a narrative.”

Not to be deterred, Ivy schooled management contemplated, they tossed and turned, consulted and queried; finally, with the help of in-house novelists and practitioners of the black arts (attorneys), using the House of Representatives investigative powers they decided to attack the messenger.

Media management presented a newly designed supplemental to the original narrative — a very creative factoid. The factoid enunciated DOJ’s actions as extralegal prerogatives. Consequently, America’s democracy is now on the brink of disablement; therefore, the nation is in the midst of a constitutional crisis.

For public theatrics, a ruse to satisfy the Democratic Party’s leftist inclinations, the judiciary committee utilizing congressional oversight as the means demands that Attorney General Barr conveys to his committee the statutorily prohibited grand jury evidence.  This demand of the judiciary committee chairman is a meritless theatrical ruse. No judge in the land will order Barr to satisfy the subpoena and therefore, violate the law.

For the Democrats, the how-to and what form to facilitate Trump’s demise is elusive and runs in sync with not accepting the results of the 2016 election. The Donkey is frustrated and desperate. Democratic leadership cares little of the means as long as a result ends the Trump presidency. This open-ended amoral approach to solving their “Trump” problem is behaviorally dysfunctional. Nonetheless, the liberal progressives are intoxicated. Sober judgment suspended. Revenge and disrespect run concurrently with a blood lust for Trump and family that requires no particular cause for their display of hatred.

The election of 2020 is the end all until one day after the victor is declared. Today’s political contesting mimics the Philadelphia Convention of 1787 wherein the possible outlasted the arguments for the ideal. The nation is engaged in a hotly contested ideological divide; unless the Martians finally invade I do not see a resolution. At least, so far, there are no firefights in the streets.


Peace a Self-Serving Illusion

Roman General ‎Publius Flavius Vegetius wrote in his book, “Epitoma Rei Militaris,” Si Vis Pacem, Parabellum, “If you want peace, prepare for war.” The General wrote another remembrance, “Igitur qui desiderat Pacem, praeparet bellum.” In English: “they, therefore, who wish for peace, prepare for war.”

Russia’s Putin is a belligerent antagonist, playing, unhindered, a dealt poker game of stud. He has two cards up showing an Ace and a King as he pushes his bet forward. The man has calculated his strategic exposure founded on the premise that  NATO is reluctant, indecisive, and uncertain. His risk, therefore, is tactically nominal. The USA fearful of losing Allied support and lacking the necessary will to act holsters the advantage of confrontation in favor of hesitation. Such is the perfect example of the cat climbing the tree while the dog is limited to loudly barking.

The Ace in metaphoric terms is nuclear weapons; the King, NATO’s lack of clear-eyed decisive leadership.

The American government covets idealism and hopefulness to the extreme of naiveté. We will not recognize that the dark side of human behavior is a remorseless constant. Consequently, America though willing to shed the blood of its armed forces and spend its treasure; is unwilling to accept the blunt reality that the global strategy of the heretofore playground-like pushing and shoving accomplishes nothing.

Putin’s cadre of the few is a methodically dangerous purposefully amoral and tenaciously driven kleptocracy. There is no hidden agenda; the Russians of the Putin era are gangsters in gangsters clothing. The thugs feed off of weakness. The antidote to Russian’s Putin is blunt force trauma.

America refuses to accept the role of the world’s policemen while behaving, in every way measurable, as the world’s policemen.

Since the discovery of fire humankind has, for a cause or no cause, with “malice of aforethought” been killing fellow humans, the invention of the wheel increased the amount of violence. Peace is not a noble ideal. Peace is a myth.

Pay The Piper


Did President Obama’s influence undermine the lawfulness and operating integrity of its administration so to favor Clinton’s 2016 election bid? Did President Obama knowingly turn a blind eye to Clinton’s illegal transgressions? Did veteran FBI investigative leadership implement biased discretion as ordered by Attorney General Loretta Lynch?

The response, yes.

The politically inclined wanton influence of the Obama administration desperately tried to initiate the beginnings of a coup d’état. Wherein leadership within the FBI, DNI, and the CIA purposefully acted unlawfully to topple a duly elected President.

Pissed, bewildered, and confused by Trump’s election Obama and his duly appointed went bongos. Suffering from election induced PTSD, FBI leadership, Brennen, and Clapper with the aid assist of Clintonites and the progressively inclined barking media decided to correct the mistake of the electorate.

The Mueller investigation was the “sure thing.” The finality of the Trump presidency. Pundit followed by pundit took their turn, heaping scurrilous accusation upon unfounded speculation, the political left assured of Trump’s demise could not stop its ad hoc prosecution.

However, this illicitly executed and the extralegally contrived scheme was doomed to discovery and subsequent prosecution. The perpetrators of anti-Trump rhetoric were the elected, the appointed, staffed, and President Obama; they will “pay the piper.”

The Meaning of Fair

The Meaning of Fair-In The Day-To-Day Drama of Contesting

The word fair as in just, fair-minded, or impartial, evokes positive thoughts and the predictive of an agreeable consequence. Society is partial to the process of fair. However, what’s fair is subject to a multitude of caveats, statutory regulations, and societal/cultural constraints; as a consequence, the decision and result of what’s fair, in meaningful terms, is calculated. For that reason, in the hard knuckle sweat and grind of daily life, the concept of fair is more a noble ideal than an actual.

The broadcasting companies CNN and MSNBC (after Trump’s inauguration) were messaging a public relations narrative to ensure a Republican did not triumph in the mid-term election. To attain a Democratic majority in the House, and of course, positioning a liberal progressive electoral victory in 2020. The founding emphasis of these broadcasters’ story was that President Trump was in cahoots with Russia’s Putin to win the 2016 election.

It, therefore, followed that progressive dogmatist in concert with a willing media suggested the impeachment of President Trump. CNN and MSNBC producers, regardless of blatant political bias, sensing a political slam dunk, gamed the network’s content to endorse the Democratic Party’s policies and issue perspective.

What’s fair has little to no impact on the day-to-day battle within the judicial system or the in-plain-view contesting of ideas.

Politicians and talking heads use the word fair as often as they evoke American values as the standard of what’s moral and ethical. However, as committed contrarians and self-serving opportunist, they all understand and practice the Machiavellian approach to truth, justice, and the American way. In essence, they all speak in the idiom of scattered deceptive wherewithal purposed to suspend, misdirect, or temporarily if not permanently set aside the truth of the matter.

We, the people, recognize these lies. However, we are inclined to accept (the lies) as artful articulation. That is as long as the lies track the ideology of one’s political tribe: and the beat goes on.

The facts, the truth, and the result

The earth is round. Rainwater is wet. The sun will rise and set. These are indisputable facts. These examples of fact are accurate and represent, in today’s politically charged environment, the extent of universal agreement.

This nation’s intellectually enlightened leaders benefited from the very best education America had to offer. Many of these exceptional graduated top of their class and proceed onto attain unique even inimitable experience in government, academia, and business.

One could rationally believe that persons of such cognitive power utilizing rational deduction, logic, and innately induced sensibility, would once the subject is investigated and prudently researched deduce and therefore agree on the discovered empirical facts-of-the-matter.

Well no, these leaders that manage our government cannot agree on much of anything of consequence; actually, their disagreement is an everyday palpable reality; indeed, within the governing elected and appointed the clash of the inconsequential is copiously banal

The outstanding question is why? What is it that provokes the highly educated, the likely prominent intelligence quotient, to diverge, differ, and conjure conflicting opinions.

The answer is multi-purposeful. There exist a never-ending battle between the resolute and the decisive, the authoritative and the strong-minded, contrarians and the willful, the idealistic true-believers and the faithful political party loyalist, all high achievers, most possess stringent its all about me personalities. Wherein the interest of the nation can not be converse to the benefit of their political ambition or party dogma.

Congress and the States have passed hundreds of thousands of ambiguities identified as laws. When required, despite the abstruseness, a biased bureaucracy implements, and a judicial system interprets the meaningfulness of these legislative affirmations. The citizen so to comply judiciously relies on attorneys, CPA’s, and licensed experts to guide through the morass of legal obligations.

All of the after-mentioned influence the media. A business as interested in reporting the news as producing a story. To a noticeable, the press is as a novelist. They (the media) should preempt every newscast with the announcement: “based on a possibly true event.”

In essence, the enlighten governing leadership are inclined to endorse precedence then to challenge the established. That is until President Donald Trump rode into town. Now the inclination, even from the president’s political party, is to resist. Do not allow Trump a political victory. And, whenever possible embarrass, deplore, misdirect, and denigrate.

Seemingly, it is political affiliation and ideology that determines the decisions of our governing leaders. So pick a side and enter the fray.



Authored by William Robert Barber

Within the presence of the politically aware, being against something does not require a rational reason. Indeed, “being against” can be irrational, even stupidly self-defeating. The power of being against means evidence to the contrary of one’s contention is irrelevant.

Once the determination is made to be against President Trump, no words nor action will cause a reversal of opinion. The power of being against intensifies if the cause of (one’s) “against” is questioned. Therefore, the “resistance,” a left-leaning cadre of against-Trump will never ever allow evidence, empirical, circumstantial, or otherwise to change their determination of being against.

Consequently, contrariwise (in my view an operating synonym of against) is an effective contention when the facts do not support one’s against agenda. Nonetheless, in our world of a media more bent on making the news instead of reporting the news a contrariety predicate is considered at a minimum fashionable. Some televised pundits, noting how often the use of a contrariety perspective is recycled, must find this perspective exceptionally  profound — perhaps even intellectually grasping.  In Hollywood, a contrariety declaration is a mandated believable; it does not require truthfulness, accuracy, or deductive viability. For those of the progressive liberal faith, a contrariety perspective is an accepted inductive principle even if observed by a bias blind third-party witness.

In the age of Trump contrariwise is the reliable bait, for comedians a fungible currency; it is the means with which the equity in media companies appreciates. Media marketers relish the interest conflict initiates; certainly, there is no conflicting a person as President Trump. Factually, particularly in the United States, the president is either the subject, the object, or the instigator du jour of every ‘news’ coverage enterprise. Trump the protagonist is the best tangible intangible the media of every ideological stripe has ever profited from.

For a person of conservative temperament it is a frustrating experience to observe the loss of the House of Representatives because of President Trump’s words, persona, and tweets. The man cannot get out of his own way; withstanding, his policies and leadership decisions are much more right than wrong. But then reality is not the sole barometer of one’s judgment of another. Illusion and the great god of circumstance coupled with serendipity play a disproportional part in the grand play of life. But then it is so very easy to be against…


Authored by William Robert Barber

Raising and expending billions of dollars gives political parties the opportunity (by scattershot multimedia dissemination) to amplify their particular bias. By incentivising (via cash) supportive print and the broadcast media, content producers intentionally challenge the ethical limits of their messaging. For these political wonks winning is the only aspiration. Consequently, amoral principles are the predominant transcendent guidance of their being — their raison d’être.

The didactic lesson: Within the orbit of politics the means is irrelevant and subservient to the results and the ‘how’ one wins is strictly a post-election inconsequential.

Voter participation for this year’s midterm is deemed extremely high; which means that 50 to 60% of the eligible did not vote. Nonetheless, news outlets boasted the turnout as unusually high.

Possibly, the low number of people voting is because citizens are no longer interested in self-governance? Perhaps, Americans have evolved from the self-reliant to the utterly unconcerned? If so, perchance, it would therefore follow that the belief in self-governance is considered passé.

Plausibly, Americans believe that the political thoughts of 1789 are nothing more than remnants of an irrelevant ideal; an ideal that is extraneous to the challenges of this modern world wherein the citizenry considers governance of, by, and for the people too burdensome an endeavor.

The trendy preference does seem to favor governmental dependence on the wherewithal of a bureaucracy chockfull of appointed wonks. Over and over again pretty words and handsome faces prove the voters’ preference.  A thought! “The people,” and their belief in their sovereign power is nothing more than a fanciful wish-it-were-so. Whereby the truth of governance has little to do with the people and more to do with the power of some of the people.

Some of the people derive power from their natural ability and practical experience coupled with an education, formalized to render these few the cognitive skills required to lead. Others within the few may have derived their powerful position from applying excellent follow-ship skills, therefore enhancing the effectiveness of their leader’s wherewithal. Withstanding!

America’s democracy is not in practice people-governed nor does this nation govern of, by, and for the people. America is governed by the few in the interest of the few. Nonetheless, the concept of noblesse oblige, good sense, and the desire to remain in  power obligates the few to embrace pluralism.

At a minimum, a democratic republic requires intense participation, askance, and the courage to pursue virtue over self-interest. However, the American people are preoccupied, disinterested, overwhelmed by governmental ambiguity, confused by the multiple pieces and parts of the process, and easily swayed by pretty faces and words.

America’s success has dulled the average American’s interest in self-governing. “Let someone else do it” is the popular theme…