Diversity, Woke, Silly

For many liberal progressives, the decisiveness of their political perspective does not require empirical verification, logic, reason, or rationality. However, it does require the obedient acceptance and steadfast adherence to the socioeconomic-political philosophy of Eugene Debs, Saul Alinsky, and Bernie Sanders. Today’s progressives dismiss counter-thoughts as the pejorative discourse of racist, fanatical, right-wing extremism unworthy of contention or consideration. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known by his alias Lenin would gleefully agree

For these Democrats, by means, legal, extralegal, or amoral, the defeat of Trump necessitates gloves off Machiavellian tactics. For those who populate the political left, the-how-of-it is subordinate to the result. The FBI, CIA, and the D.O.J, by their actions, evidenced such illicit behavior before and during the recent presidential election.

Contrarianism, its beliefs, and practices (for Democrats) aid and assist the circumstantial that directly feeds into a progressive’s sense of “woke.” Detrimentally, the dogma of “Woke,” coupled with their “Theory of Diversity,” ignores one’s normative understanding of objective cognition; while favoring, often unwittingly, Norman Mailer’s factoid over the apparent truth.

Nonetheless, “woke” imposed insertion into the country’s everyday dialogue has decidedly, and I believe, negatively influenced the societal behavior of this nation. The appliance of “woke” into human discourse examples silliness run amok.

Contemporaries home and abroad, including the delusional media, invoke and justify the “woke” narrative as inventively modern. However, intellectual sobriety obliges that one should reject such a narrative as a fanciful obtuse of meaninglessness.

Vexed by conflicting possibilities, variations of “the good, the bad, and the ugly” assort, evolve, and reconfigure into episodes of never-ending issues and concerns. Inevitably, however, the problems of significance fade, the best reconciles with the worst, the offense assuages, and in time the vexing of conflicting probabilities reappear demanding immediate attention and a determinative solution.

Trump To-and-Fro

Trump instigates, a kinetic of opinions dominate. The opposed to Trump mob converge, alert the media, then they scurrilously hyper exaggerate the particular to their advantage, within minutes the Trump acolytes counter, pundits display their bias, Democratic leadership considers impeachment, then everyone returns at the ready to their ideological zone.

This action, the to-and-fro of it are exhausting; nonetheless, relief remains, steadfastly, on the other side of the moon.

The normality of rational and reasonable has failed. Contesting seems everlasting. Possibly, this divisive stubbornness is the true meaning of a democracy that ignores the republic’s constitution: common sense, the distinctive American virtue of yesteryear. Has evolved, wherein today, the sense of the common incorporated with the Democratic Party is a mix of discombobulated leadership promising vague possibilities challenged with indeterminate endings. However, one must not discount the power within the party of the disquiet fastidious contrarians mingled within those that as a matter of course, bilaterally oppose any and every.

The haunting response of Benjamin Franklin when asked, “a republic if you can keep it.” It is a foreboding one cannot dismiss. But then “the beat goes on,” surely, one can realize as with the example of the Tower of Babel human software is a flawed defective operating with no active service warranty. Although software upgrades are integral, the updates often do not satisfy the operational concern.

This novella of the politically discontented (the Democratic Party) is a focused continuum of dysfunctional analysis, a display of a false interpretive overwhelming good sense, an exemplar of a political party passionately practicing the alchemist’s folly: the striving to align the world and its affairs as one wishes it instead of accepting and dealing with the reality of worldly affairs.

Since 1787 the question remains, can this republic govern within the four corners of the constitution?

What’s It All About Alfie

President Washington noted the vicious animosity between Jefferson, Adams, and Hamilton. Alarmed, he feared that the newly created political parties designed to benefit their members were purposed solely for their party’s electoral success.

George was a prolific harbinger.

The “founders,” utilizing the modus operandi of unsatisfying compromise, created with a required affirmation the U.S. Constitution. It did not take long for the majority (Federalist political party) in 1798 to legislate into law the questionably unconstitutional Alien Sedition Act. The bill, upon Jefferson’s election in 1800, portions were trimmed and muted; however, the remaining parts of the Act in WWI and WWII used to defraud and intern thousands of Americans of German and Japanese descent.

Can any governmental body be trusted to uphold its statutory or constitutional principles? The answer is a resounding no. In a democratically inspired republic, a citizen must premise askance as the rule and 24/7 temperament.

With the benefit of historical review, one could ascertain that the Constitution of 1789, subsequent amendments, rulings, coupled with the bounteous instances of judicial discretion, the weakening of federalism and states’ rights, the courts’ disconcerting interpretations of the Constitution’s meaningfulness has materially changed the essence of the revered document of 1789.

As a result of the last election, while the Republicans held on to the Senate, the Democratic Party earned the majority in the House of Representatives. Divided government has enabled, or I should say, it unleashed a venom of argumentative inner-outermost action in speech and word, culminating in the House ridiculous impeachment of the president.

The Democrats fear the results of the 2020 elections, unable to mediate their hatred of Trump, unwilling to trust in the decision of the electorate, lost in the hyperbole of their pretentious rhetoric, in full view-thinking their arguments are not only persuasive but righteous-these progressives are acting out they’re spiteful dysfunctional eight-grade behavior.

A liberal progressive possess, in varying degrees, the aggregate of misplaced wherewithal, a pretentious disregard of counter perspectives, an arrogance mildly suppressed by one’s conceit, an ignorance of ordinary reality, a psychic need to be right, is an inherent contrarian, an unabashed hypocrite, and has no interest in examining empirical evidence that is not within the accepted narrative.

These are the boys and girls managing the House of Representatives.

Blew Up The Bad Guy

“Never-ending wars” should read, wars never end. Peace is a non-functioning idea, a foreign concept, an idyllic that in ten thousand years of recorded history has never existed. Why we cling to what has never existed is baffling. Conflict is the enduring mainstay of human deportment. Violent behavior is despicable; nonetheless, its predominance is the norm.

A nation-state’s a priori is the protection of its citizenry and tangibles. Our Democratic-Republic rests this responsibility coupled with definitive authority on the Executive Branch and explicitly on the President.

Yesterday, President Trump ordered the killing of the world’s number one terrorist. The leadership of the Democratic Party with “hair on fire” opposed the act as unwarranted and illegal. Coward in fear of Iranian retaliation, the Democrats, curled up in the corner of their crib and tremble. They cry out for justification. Assassinating an Iranian General with American blood stained hands requires at most a UN trial by a jury of his peers or at least a stiff warning.

The Democrats favor appeasement, Neville Chamberlain’s “peace in our time” rather than confronting reality. Trump understands that anticipation is an obligatory precursor of prevention — an initial cognitive tactic in the development of a comprehensive strategy. However, when a nation-state faces blatant confrontation, the only sensible response is the execution of a prodigiously sustainable offense whose single focus and sole acceptance is victory.

Our faithful friends speak English, share in Judeo-Christian culture, acknowledge and believe in political pluralism, and egalitarian principles. There are those NOT of the English-speaking culture for wholly justifiable self-serving reasons, side against Iranian interest, thus are viable allies.

There are millions of Muslims dead-set on killing Jews and Americans. Remembering that wars are never ending. Wish and hope for the very best in all peoples but prepare for the worse. The very best defense is a multilayered offense coupled with the will to act.

The forces are defined, battle lines drawn, the pawns and knights have made their moves, bishops and rooks await, the queen ready and willing, the king confidently overseeing future requirements.

Almost Impeached

Impeach the bastard was the battle cry of the “resistance,” and by gosh by golly, task completed. Well, close to completion.

Betwixt Jack Sprat, who could eat no fat and his wife who could eat no lean, so betwixt the two, they licked the platter clean in other words; a deliberate, coordinated effort served a specific purpose. Unlike the convoluted often contrarian physics of Nancy Pelosi politics wherein down could very well mean up, and yes or no is best defined as  perhaps.

Exampled by what was once extremely imperative: A few days ago, “Donald Trump is so dangerous to the 2020 election and national security, there is no time to contest (though the courts) executive privilege” now however after contemplation (the newest thinking) is to set aside the confidence of yesterdays imperative for uncertainty.

Imagine the Democratic strategy, hold up the impeachment documents to the Senate until Mitch McConnell submits to the operating demands of the House of Representatives. I suppose Nancy knows that hell is about to freeze. Why else would she step in front of the firing line?

In the meantime, President Trump racks up one win after another; surely, the Democrats will concoct some charge, an indictment of some grievance, indeed, the tried and untrue accusations of racist, bigot, and the tyrant resides in the White House is a genuine probability.

All that truly matters is the reelection of Donald J. Trump as president…

The non-elected & appointed

Acting on the perception of one’s self-interest is a steadfast natural human characteristic and the stimulus for a multitude of societal confrontations. Therefore, the reasonable and rational among the people created a republic wherein laws enacted by elected representatives counteract conflict with the intent to defuse probable disorder for harmonious stability.

However, the preceding is as much theoretical as it is in practice non-applicable. Laws require obedience, but instead, exceptions to compliance abound. Willful noncompliance penetrates deeply within the enforcement jurisdictions, including officers of the court, the police, and governing administrations. Another issue of concern  that is pervasive throughout:xcessive prosecutorial discretion.

The reasoning of the founders to write and ratify the U.S. Constitution was to enhance a citizen’s liberty, protect personal freedoms, while framed within a statute of laws that require adherence. Nonetheless, the Constitution subject to the whims of variant interpretations, inventive incarnations, and flagrant transgressions, almost from the very beginning of the republic, has been used by the majority, the minority, and special interest often utilizing Machiavellian means to achieve a result.

In unison, as if an organic symbiosis, by methods implied, explicit, casually asserted, or development by other purposes, the size of the U.S. Government has grown immeasurably immense.

In reality, within the vast U.S. Government is the hidden (in plain sight) régime of the non-elected and appointed. This bureaucratic force administers the process, manages critical personnel, and is in control of the governing procedure. They, them, and those innocuous ones, for the most part, have regardless of the political-ideological inclination of the elected have a secure lifetime position. In direct proportion to the size of the government is the power of the non-elected and appointed. Legislators pass laws the bureaucratic forces interrupt its meaning and then decide what part and with what emphasis to enforce the enacted statutes.

The Democrats committed to impeaching President Trump will settle for any or all violations of something that will stick, anything will suffice, but alas, all they could muster is speculative conjecture founded on hearsay and the sentiment of wish it were so.

As witnessed in the “impeachment inquiry,” according to the accusers, the significant combative issue by President Trump was his policies. The State Department employees that work for the president did not/do not agree with the president’s foreign policy in Ukraine.

Knowing the 2020 election motivations of the Democrats and the disagrees over policy among the non-elected and appointed it appears that impeachment is a little harsh, but of course, when starring at another four years of a Trump presidency, a wishful throw into an empty end zone to satisfy the lefties and socialist is dutiful.

War and Peace

Never-Ending Wars

From the beginning, humanoids, possibly because of instinctual prompts, for a reason or no reason, have normalized killing fellow humans as a tactically sound method of achieving a satisfying result. Combative behavior is a day to day ordinary. Homo sapiens, the most dangerous of animals, have perfected and systemized the tools of butchery. No other animal on earth, explicitly, with evil intent designs the methods and dedicates the resources to kill members of its kith and kin either for material gain, envy, xenophobic misnomers, misplaced predispositions, or for reasons illogical even self-defeating.

Warring is a trait of humanness. For Ten Thousand years, humans have been killing humans. Warriors are glorified, eulogized, immortalized, and rewarded; the dead combatants respected and revered. Therefore, war is in a forever state of being.

Peace, defined as the opposite of war, is no more than an ideal. A wholesome supposition permanently affixed as a childish hopeful; therefore, to engender peace as a policy goal is dangerous, unrealistic, as well as nonsensical.

Accepting war as a constant trait of humankind is a requirement of utilitarian functionalism. The object of war-making is to tactically advance diplomacy by other means; the loss of blood and treasure, when measured in comparison to the purpose of combative engagement, is a secondary consideration.

America mourns the death of the nation’s warriors; nevertheless, “Sending our boys home,” is wishful, naive, and strategically suicidal. The worldwide distribution of U.S. Forces has, with notable exceptions, safeguarded the free world from destructive bad guys.

A Roman General Vegetius once summed up war as a conspicuous human challenge; nonetheless, suggested that: “if you want peace, prepare for war.”


Cognate believers of Machiavellian tactics Democrats of the intelligence committee march shoulder-to-shoulder, heel-to-toe; they dismissively parade; in lockstep to the drumbeat striving to eliminate the threat of Donald Trump’s participation in the next presidential election.

Deftly cloaked in the pretense of righteousness, they preen their investigation of the president’s (Ukrainian) conversation to service their political ends — charging that the president’s telephonic wordsmith is detrimental to the security of the United States, a violation of campaign finance laws, and just not presidential.

Leaders Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chairman Adam Schiff are racing to head off the expected results of D.O.J’s Bill Barr’s investigation into the 2016 election. Fearful that the forthcoming investigative report will evidence high crimes perpetrated under the direct orders of the Obama administration; knowing that such unlawful commands from the executive branch willfully besmirched the virtue and operational integrity of the institutions of FBI, CIA. It was the Democratic Party and affiliates led by Hillary Clinton that schemed, provoked, and financed these series of felonies.

Pelosi and Schiff feign a pretense of concern for the nation while they create multifarious divisiveness. Pelosi prays for Trump as she and her acolytes drive the stiletto into his back.

The fact of the matter is the supposed reason for discovery. However, the politically motivated interpretation of “the truth” has defied the normality of rational thought. Affixed to all explanations, questions, and answers is the prefix hyper or the postscript liar. The very concept of self-governance is questionable.

The dominant media is now the staffed fourth branch of the government; its sway and influence demand imposing attention.

The idea that fellow Americans would within the calendar of a national election decide to impeach a duly elected president is proof of George Washington’s concern that political parties jeopardize a functioning republic.

The Truth Of The Matter

Journalism is not truth-telling; it is an art form subject to the whims of the writer, editor, and publisher. It is a narcissistic endeavor that demand’s applause — consequently, the employment of almost truthful and just about factual are acceptable aims. In the newsprint business, salacious reporting often begets readership, which prompt advertising dollars that initiates more of the same. If on the other hand, reporting is actual, real, and free of hyperbole, but boring the eyeball count (readership) could decrease, affecting gross revenue.

The published characterization of “news” versus opinion has decidedly merged within the New York Times and competitor newspapers. The moral obligation of leftist progressives (in the interest of limiting Trump to one term) is to propagate and persuade the reader or the viewer to the acceptance of their biased political view. For these pretenders of editorial virtue, facts are subject to interpretative predisposition while truths subordinate to the whim of a capricious perspective.

The politically inspired righteousness of the writers, reporters, and jabber mouth critics believe that it is a reporter’s amoral obligatory, to pummel the president with scurrilous accusations while in disproportion lavish the Democrats with a panegyric gesture or two, even three.

Since the election of 2016 anti-Trump hysteria is the Democratic Party’s meaningfulness: Purposeful distortion of the truth, misleading innuendos, blatant conflicts of interest, inventive third-party derived rumors, interrogatories of libelous intent, baseless accusations, and forked-tongue deception. These descriptive(s) are the politically inspired lifeblood of today’s Democrats; the party has no hesitation, concern, or second thoughts as to the collateral damage incurred. Nothing is of consequence except for the ridding of Donald Trump.

Yesterday the crisis de jour was Russia today its Ukraine tomorrow only the Democrats know; though it all the president preservers.

Tax, Spend, and Defraud

Governing in the United States denotes a particular instinctual given a historical symbiosis. There is a proportional within the act of taxation and the power of government — the more egregious the tax and ambiguous the respective laws, the more coercive the governing authority. There is a sensitive proportionate between a free market economy, regulatory rules, the cost of litigation, and the degree of one’s liberty.

The ability of government to lawfully tax an individual’s income (by any amount) at the whim or discretion of any Congressional administration jeopardizes the meaningfulness of liberty.  On the other side of the same issue of taxation is the politically exploitative, seedy, dishonest distribution of tax revenue. Government, all governments, including America’s, are susceptible to mendacious and deceitful behavior, in the interest of the Republic, one must never consider otherwise.

In the present, Congress operates within the complexities of a process-orientated bureaucracy. One that functions on the self-perpetuating inertia of the legislative branch; these bureaucracies demand a significant amount of operating independence, as well as, enforcement discretion. It is this bureaucratic progression that delegate delineates, defers, infers, enforce, negate, and often ignore prudence in favor of the typical modus operandi.

An overly regulated economy is wonk encumbered, differentiated by multi-source uber-bosses, excessive counter-affirmed requirements, and enough paperwork to harvest a forest. The result of such is the creation of an administrative system that is difficult if not improbable to remission or disband.

Human beings manage. As a consequence, trust is forbidden and askance the necessary safeguard of liberty. The most significant internal threat to the republic is statutorily compliant corruption perpetrated in the main by officers of the court, licensed intermediates, the elected, the appointed, and the Machiavellian(s).

One must keep one’s eye on the bouncing factoids.