Authored by William Robert Barber

I have been, for the last week, on business in Ireland. Today after frisking about with the Irish people, gazing and stomping on their generously forested land of gently rolling green country-side, driving through narrow village streets dotted along the hill and dale; enjoying many a stimulating discussion intertwined with good food and ale. I am heading home.

Interestingly, the economic concerns of Ireland and indeed all of Euro-land, are about the same as they are in America. Everyone I met and every publication I scanned emphasized the painfully high unemployment, the lack of bank-funding, dismal economic growth, and the sad, bitter effects of the almost complete devastation of real-estate value.

Entertainingly, the blame-story is similar to what we Americans channel. When the marketplace puts money or even the illusion of putting money in peoples’ pocket, everyone is unquestioning and quite pleased. However, when money has stopped flowing in and in fact starts to flow out or not flow at all, well, fault is seeking a dance partner. The people negatively affected point the finger at any and all except their own blindly excessive spending indulgences. The Irish – just like us Americans – readily exclude their most recent willy-nilly mindless behavioral addiction to a belief and practice in nonrecourse consumption.

When specifying the present American financial and real estate downturn I suggest that one should review the fuel that created the economic boom-cheap money and debt. The collateral was a commodity known as real estate and equity market trades and holdings. When private enterprise is managing its own risk and the speculator-public accepts their own risk, individually, the winners and losers suffer or gain. But when government and their cohorts public-private unions gets in the middle to install a “fair playing field,” to “protect the worker or the investor,” or enact by law a third-party ideal of fairness, the taxpayer pays excessively for the governing service.

There is an ancient adage that runs parallel to the biblical saying, “God helps those that help themselves,” inclusively, one cannot by edit nullify stupid or criminal behavior nor can government by legislation bind or mandate the practice of good sense and morality.

Of course these well-known adages do not stop the elected from their task of constant governmental interference. This is best evidenced by the government’s insistence on retaining an ambiguous federal tax code, enacting the excessively expensive regulatory dud Sarbanes-Oxley, the retention of duplicating departments and agencies, the persistence of continuing federal policies that bully risk-takers and reward losers. The systematically applied coercive pushing and pulling by several Congresses since the Eisenhower administration has driven private enterprise straight to attorneys, litigation, and bureaucratic discombobulating.

The liberal progressives in line with congress’ Barney Frank have for years forced private banks in the direction of mal-ginned imprudent lending practices. For the elected, evidence to the contrary of their ideal, be damned; the policy of government in their eye’s is as a matter of policy, to taxpayer finance a seemingly never-ending series of perverse societal contrivances that have, in the present, after decades of persistence, finally, impaired the nation.

When one combines such governmental action with a popular consumption frenzy stirred and prompted at every opportunity by a political leadership motivated solely to attain or maintain public office; the tangibles of sensible and pragmatic are pushed into the delete file in favor of the intangible and deceptive. These rascals, the elected Noblesse oblige, and their allies such as public employee unions, the New York Times, National Broadcasting Company, all liberal progressives, and labor lobbyist in general, are consistently remissive of applying prudent real-world principles to the issues and concerns of governing the peoples’ money. Either consciously purposeful, or permissively naïve, political leaders have, for many years, mislead the voting public as to the nation’s economic disposition. Experience has documented, the elected class will lie, cheat, and steal to and from their constituencies.

When reviewing the governing of particularly democratic-republics one is inclined to believe in the governing tenants of righteousness, particularly in these countries the predominately sane champions the irrational. Corruptive behavior in and by government is assumed to be spotty at best. After all, one is led to believe that in democratic-republics reason dominates the unreasonable, but low and behold, instead we find the non-sensible overwhelming good sense.

Upon surveying the historically documented factual pieces and parts that lead to the 2008 recession one could conclude that it was if the world of the otherwise prudent and rational was managed from the Emerald City by the hedge fund wonk, The Wizard-of-Oz.

Bloated property assessment permitted the government to tax and squanders more of the people’s money; equity pricing egregiously mismatch derivative to market value, and the wholesale of government policies explicitly designed to give away other people’s money. Could there have been another outcome? If governments’ print money, if fiat currency is forced into acceptance, if tax revenue lags behind governmental distribution of that revenue how could there actually be a functioning economy? No one with enough political juice considered the cost verses the benefit; everyone was chasing the butterflies, enjoying the rainbows, and receiving their pot of gold.

Captivatingly, the financially affected, withstanding the history of government stupidity, the government’s culpability in a total lack of sensible, rational, prudent, and reasonable governess, these persons, still contemplate government as the quick and easy solution. I am particularly astounded by the incredulous insistence of not just the financially affected populous but institutional leaders from bankers to insurance executives, economist, and broker-dealers they all create a novel wherein they write-in, admittedly, in degrees of measurable variance, governmental agencies and departments as the solution-protagonist.

The solution to our economic malaise is simple. Learn to find the bait, fancy the bait onto the hook, choose a line and pole; discover a place where fish are to be found, throw the baited line into the water, catch the fish, prepare the fish, cook the fish and eat it. Now all of this is to be done without paying a licensing fee, and entrance fee, a poundage tax, governmentally assisted learning, or some federal agency telling you how to eat the fish.

In other words, government shut up, do less, and stay out of my business…


Authored by William Robert Barber

There is this Marine Corps saying, “Presumptions and assumptions gets you killed in combat.” The accurate transference to civilian life of this saying is attained by merely substituting the action word “killed” with expressions such as: A waste of time and money, a distortion of original intent, the replacement of the tenets honesty and truthfulness with immoral or amoral.

Our United States of America has over the last century (or more) developed and in the main established a government whose process of operational scope is not of the people, by the people, nor for the people; indeed, there is evidence that the 1789 constitutional intent has perished from reality. We the people can no longer presume or assume that our representative republic is in fact representative, that our federal system of power sharing between the government of central and state is intact, or that our republic functions within the lawfulness of the constitution.

We citizens have been bewitched into what cognitive scientists have described as “existence bias;” which is the persistent suggestion that the status quo is so prevalent in thought acceptance that its continuance cannot be denied. Interestingly, while believing in the power of incumbent thought citizens act on the razor’s edge of disingenuousness. They will entertain almost any antithesis of the status quo. Even when details are omitted…a declaration by any politician of an alternative to the prevailing has popular appeal.

A perfect example is the election of President Obama. Obama’s message was viciously anti-Bush. With complicit aid of the national media and the entire Democratic leadership President Bush was bludgeoned by personal attacks. Obama’s most pronounced antagonisms were for Bush’s foreign and domestic policies. Now after holding office for more than two years Obama has mimicked more of Bush’s policies than not. We now know that President Obama is evermore the status quo politician. We now understand that his battle cry of “Change we can believe in,” was nothing less than words empty of belief.

Possibly the continuance of the status quo was a more accurate descriptive of Obama’s administration after all, it was Obama who declared the simple answer to an ancient riddle of politics when he noted that if the ingredients stay the same how could we citizens expect a difference result. He pledged different! Well, his actions proved him to be the same; the same as any other politician seeking to achieve and now sustain power.

If that is so how is it that so many Americans still maintain a positive sentiment for his presidency? Often our eyes deny us clarity. We discount the actual with the utility of self-serving contrivance. The same occurs on what we hear or read. We have sentiments that can with some artful prompting discombobulate the meaningfulness of the palpable and evidentiary.

Besides the effective of self-serving contrivances, there are certain words, subjects, and phrases that mindlessly spin the minds of the normally rational and reasonable into a metaphoric array of self-determined illusions. These certainties that prompt one’s mind into the illusionary are disjointed from sensibility but not from effect.

Let me name a few of these certain words, education, fairness, level playing field, and social justice. For example let’s take education. A very powerful stand-alone word that entails passionate conjectures, even some facts, but do bridge to other descriptions such as teachers’ unions, school bonds, subjects taught, parental influence, sin and property taxes. Who in their right mind would be against education? But of course the real question is more of a definition along cost benefit analysis then the generalities of education on a per se basis.

Assumptions and presumptions are dangerous means…illusions of blissfulness and wisdom are not automatically encased behind a pretty face or beautiful words. And without a doubt assumption, and presumption gets one killed in combat.


Authored by William Robert Barber

There has sprouted up a stylish must-do, a societal nicety, a gesture that seems to beget other gestures of the identical meaningfulness, and frankly, juxtaposed with a bit of simpatico I do understand the why fore. Nevertheless, I take issue with its explicit and implicit implications.

Firstly, I best reveal the irritant: “Thank you for your service…” are the words uttered as they reach out either by hand or sentiment to congratulate the service member or former member. Normally, such a thank is extended from those fellow citizens that have not (for whatever reason) served in the armed forces.

Surely, by now the reader is befuddled by my peeve and a bit perplexed as to why. The answer is quite direct: Undertaking service to my country is nothing for my fellow citizens to thank me for. Service is an obligatory of citizenship and a common virtue that does not warrant adulation. Certainly, I am not suggesting that a citizen of this country must or even should serve in the armed forces — not at all; I am suggesting that if my fellow citizens believe that common virtue is extra-ordinary and deserves special attention, then the common denomination of virtue is directly abated.

I served the interest of my nation state in times of peace as well as war; I am proud to be a United States Marine. Withstanding, I am just as proud of those fellow citizens — whether they served in the armed forces or not — that pay their taxes, vote, harmoniously keep their families together, recognize and maintain their fidelity to community, obey the laws, and purposefully strive to strengthen the wherewithal of not only American values but also note their obligation to express responsibility for humankind.

This nation functions by fields and networks of symbiosis; one feeds upon and relies upon the other. Respective of the forces of counter, of the anti, and the converse we are all tied together in one effort. We are bound together as dependants and interdependent. Each individual is important to the whole. Indeed it is the idea of an individual’s value the make us so exceptional a nation.

Soldiers serve and like the police, fire, and many, many, other professions that are so very critical even dangerous they make their contribution. But I think, in the interest of every citizen, that the common denomination of citizenship should be extraordinarily high.

For me, my service was an obligation and a privilege; my countrymen owe me absolutely nothing, not even a thank you. I owe my country everything…for me it is an honor to call myself an American.


Authored by William Robert Barber

The constituents of this nation of ours are crying out for congressional action regarding illegal immigration and border security. Therefore, in an effort to relieve congress of an obligation it will not address I have decided to solve the US border/immigration problem with our neighbor to the South. Sound a little hubris? Well, if President Obama with little regard for truthfulness willfully exaggerates his administration’s successes along the border and make fun of those constituents that populate the border as never going to be satisfied no matter if he constructs a moat inhabited with alligators. Then surely I can put forward a ‘new approach’ or solution to a seemingly everlasting problem.

What Spanish speaking country financially benefits from its willful albeit illegal exportation of it citizens into the United States? That’s about as hard a question as who is buried in Grant’s tomb.

Well, clearly Mexico the sovereign nation benefits, and obviously, Mexicans benefit, if not, multimillions over these many, many, years would not trek north. The very fact that Mexican citizens, seeking financial surety and all of its derivatives must leave their home, by usually dangerous and certainly illegal measures, is a negative indictment of the Mexican government’s veracity of governing competence.

Multi-millions of US Dollars are sent by illegal Mexican immigrates to Mexican banks for a repatriation service fee. All of this income flowing into Mexico is prompted solely by the successful illegal export of its citizens into America. This exportation of Mexican citizens are premeditated, willful, contrived, and supported with a wink and a nod by the Mexican government and its private affiliates.

Hence it is not the individual alone that is liable for breaching US immigration law. The government of Mexico is the real culpable indispensable accomplice.

Therefore, for conspiring and committing a breach of US law it is the Mexican government in addition to the individual Mexican that is the violator. This ameliorated new approach (of mine) to viewing an old problem once thoughtfully contemplated reveals itself as axiomatic and sensible. The governing Mexican administrations, both present and past, for years have been aiding and abetting the willful violation of US law. Mexico is the prime offender; and is, consequently, the first cause of liability.

Let me be absolutely clear, I am stating, unequivocally, that the Mexican government is directly liable for its citizens’ contravention of US immigration laws.

Ok, well, so what! The “so what” is a strategic realignment not just of culpability but of subsequent judicial recourse. Nevertheless, the United States can offer to Mexico a means to end their participation in breaching US immigration law or face the consequences of lawful recourse. Interestingly, the elimination of the problem is not only costless but readily implemental.

The USA offers to open its borders by issuing 6-months work permits, with some obvious restrictions, terms, and conditions to all able boded Mexicans. The work permits are authorized by the federal government but issued for a fee by the particular state the worker agrees to work within. Any violations of the covenants by the individual will have a financial penalty including deportation and permanent exclusion. The secondary financial guarantor of this transaction is the Mexican government. All applicable taxes due are collected; any none applicable taxes (possibly social security) are exempt.

Any and all “paths to citizenship” remain within current US law. Those illegal persons already within the USA must apply for year-to-year work Visas or face deportation. For those who have resided in the country for more than 5-years, speak English or will attend a formal sponsoring school to learn the language and have no criminal record (standard to be noted) will be eligible for a very specifically issued resident status. Special attention will be dedicated to those children brought by their parents illegally into the United States when they were under preschool age and have been attending an academic program throughout their obligatory schooling period.

For a permanent solution to this illegal immigration problem:

If the Mexican government would permit US firms the right of majority ownership in Mexican domiciled business, private property, and adopts an equal status for investment in Mexico as the US affords to Mexicans in the United States. In less than a generation at the high and within ten years at the low, citizens of Mexico will have less cause to legal or illegally live and work in the United States because US firms with minority owned partners will blossom in Mexico. The border will be gleefully overrun by a global tourist boom, businesspersons, and investors.

I am very skeptical that this permanent solution will ever take place but I do believe by holding the Mexican government legally and financially accountable for their citizens are the proper approach to the issue of present concern.

However, Mexico is now and has been since its inception a nation fearful of Yankee dominance. After losing Texas, California, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona to the United States plus being invaded by US forces they certainly have a good cause for fearfulness. Notwithstanding the other urgent drug-gangster mayhem that is perverting the normalcy of transaction in Mexico our neighbors to the South do have a deep-seated latent problem with corruption at almost every cultural, civil, and governmental level.

In the interest of brevity I have dumb down my solution to the single initiative of holding the Mexican government lawfully responsible for the immigration problem. There is so much more to my solution…any questions or request for more detail just send me a comment.


Authored by William Robert Barber

I really want to pick on these Democratic politicians who just cannot get it into their brain housing group that they are on the losing end of a very material issue.

The issue of material concern consists of two separates that have a symbiotic connection: The first is the excessive cost of governing; the other are the public employee unions and their utility of collective bargaining as such pertains to satisfying the requirements of a balanced budget.

The gross federal & state taxable revenue has recently taken a negative downturn; the result of which has been an unrestricted exposé, a pictorially delivered rendering as to the bona fide cost of governing for all to review. The sequence of such a review is the immediate conjecture that the day-to-day, year-to-year cost of governing exceeds tax and fee income. The audit deduction deduces the fact that union expenditures in the form of salaries, benefits, and pensions are not only unsustainable but illogical. The lawful utility of collective bargaining by unions has handicapped negotiating by local and state governments to the point where unions have actually usurped the meaningfulness of elections. They limited the sensible ability of state/local government to lower operational cost to a nonoperational degree. Unions have had the effect of disenfranchising the duly elected from the implementation of prudent governing willfulness. They have purposefully intervened in the affairs of governing to such an extent, impairment is a discussed recourse.

The camouflaging or concealment of governmental liabilities has been hidden from first sight by politicians of both parties rather efficiently. That is until the Obama administration’s insatiable spending appetite forced a second look. Reality is that it was Obama and his socialist tendencies coupled with his progressive political beliefs that provided the most significant contribution to the conservative cause of limited government. It is not to say that President Bush and his republican majority did not try to throw taxpayer funds into the fire of the outrageous and stupid; but, unlike Obama, Bush failed to incite the conservative base. President Obama did manage to agitate the public; of course, the outrage was prompted by trillions of (investments?) spending dollars into governmental silliness.

The single goal of leadership is to be right; President Obama and his acolytes were wrong on way too many policies. It was Obama’s team that predicated unemployment would not pass the 8% mark as a precondition to passing the stimulus bill.

For decades, federal, state, and county public employee unions have bullied, cajoled, and negatively impacted their (fellow citizen) employers; they have challenged the ‘right to work’ environment and lost the contest. In the election of 2008 they elected Obama and a whole host of liberal progressives; they captured an overwhelming majority in the legislative branch of government. Nevertheless, by 2010 they lost the House of Representatives to the conservatives; they were befuddled and regressed into the explanation that unemployment numbers were simply too high as the reasoning of their shellacking.

Well, unemployment numbers were and are high because their policies do not work. Now they are doubling up on endorsing public employee unions; even Obama traversed into the fray with his concern that public employee unions are being illegitimately assaulted by Governor Walker.

Here is the fact: Democrats are lost in the desert of “once upon a time.” They are searching for the progressive promised land. But not only is Obama not Moses; he is caught between the purgatory of supporting business and limiting the growth of government, a workable policy or advocating a liberal progressive agenda that he knows will not create jobs nor raise taxable revenue. If he wants a political future he must swing to the right… but he just can’t do it.


Authored by William Robert Barber

We have an economy larger than China and Japan combined — and we still need to sell debt instruments to foreign entities in order to meet our spending requirements?

Let’s think about this self-imposed conundrum… This nation protects the trading interest, the physical properties, and lives of millions of people who reside within the “providence” of the Free World. We are a very real martial hesitation for any aggressor; in fact, we, along with Canada, England, and Australia are the only true deterrent to any overt military threat whatsoever.

We are the largest consumer nation that has ever existed and withstanding our fiscal issues and unsustainable national deficit, we are still the transactional envy of the world.

If all is as I describe, how did this nation put itself in the position that it finds itself in 2011? How could we have so tangible a resource and yet be so very dependent on foreign nations purchasing our debt? Presently our national debt is 1.6 trillion dollars. Imagine the interest payments! The people of this nation are consuming benefits by borrowing money from foreign sources. We are caught up in this fiasco of counter-intuitive intercourse because we lack the managerial wherewithal or fiscal discipline to reduce our spending while living within the means of our tax revenue.

The grand question is: How in the hell did this happen? Why is it that America lacks the managerial wherewithal and fiscal discipline to straighten out its mess?

Over the last hundred years we have allowed the illogical influence of socialists, progressives, liberals, Epicureans, sophists, academia recluses, and the ideologically naïve into convoluting the very ethos of American governing tradition. The result is a legislative approach that champions a doctrine that government knows best, a presumption wholly void of empirical evidence.

As a nation we have traded leadership for a benign-sort of followship. Wherein legislators blend, compromise, affiliate, and with purposeful intent have collectively deduced that it is much safer (reelection considerations) to hide within the majority of opinions than to step forward and be distinguished. Because there is a human empathy for the commonality of behavioral dysfunction, tragedy, financial inequality; a differing of social and cultural upbringing. Many of the elected, in the interest of buying votes, have decided that government should fund entitlements, grants, and loans as well as all sorts of social, educational, and economic development programs to right any and all wrongs that could possibly be attributed to anyone not born into a financially functional family.

Obama has just put forth his budget; he has chosen to follow instead of lead. Rather than addressing the issues of the day he is playing the political game of 2012 reelection. He is the quintessential follower posing as a leader — he is a spokesperson, a representative of a political ideology — nothing more. Leadership is a distinctive trait; one knows it when one sees it. A leader embodies confidence, takes all the responsibility, and knows he or she has just one obligation, and that is to be right. Obama and his confederates are lost in the ‘wilderness of wish-it-was-so;’ they are the weight around the ankles of self-determination, self-reliance, and values that aggregate to form American exceptionalism.

We do need to rid this nation of the Obamas of the world; the election right around the corner, opportunity is nearby… but conservative principled leadership is required!


Authored by William Robert Barber

The interdiction of common human behavior is the answer. The question is: How is it possible for us humans to put any faith in an honest, ethical, and morally driven governing system? And since the answer is counter intuitive to the process, we humans must go to plan B. The answer in plan B is founded in the knowing that since the interdiction of human behavior is inherently impossible, it pragmatically follows that (for those of us who are governed) prudent-sensibility requires a distrust of the government, as well as those persons that govern.

Because of most recent or present palpable evidence, (one need only to read the newspaper) reams of historical documentation, and considering that the apparatus of government as well as the operating software is human created and dependant, the plan B answer is a reasonable response to the question.

Nevertheless, since the inception of the republic we citizens have allowed government to grow and assume more and more integration in, for, and about our civic, economic, social, political, educational, and business lives. Today, as a result of such permissive allowances, the average citizen’s dependency on the ubiquitous means and apparatuses of government is profound.

Inclusive of the lack of citizen engagements, even awareness in the affairs of government and its governing, there is an additional prompt; a formal political-economic policy, a doctrinaire, a magisterial representation in the form of an ideology named as liberal progressivism. This ideology is a sociopolitical economic philosophy that has encouraged and sponsored excessive allowances for governmental ingress into the affairs of once free and independent people. Progressives want to create by imposition (if necessary) an equalitarian entitlement state. These believers of progressivism are guided by many beliefs. I will point out two:

The first of their beliefs are that only government can take on the role of a third party arbitrator. Of course the government is not a being. Hence, what the propagators really mean is that it is the government’s designate that will act as the unaligned third party. Now of course the go-to question is, well, who exactly are these designates? The designated representatives are colleague-politicians, staff, which for the most parts are in-house attorneys, and the in-the-loop appointed. It is noteworthy to appreciate that legislation is guided by representatives but actually written by the non elected and hardly ever read by the elected. There is additional aid and assist given by committee members or contemporaries who practice compromise with the understanding that such artfulness means something for everyone, less the loss of a principle or two. In the shadows of the legislative corridors are the ever-present lobbyist/affiliates that exchange legally submitted rewards for just listening to their particular persuasion. No one could possibly configure that there is cash or equivalent for legislative services rendered. The preceding is the government’s rendition of an unaligned third party.

The second substantial belief is one of actually disbelief. The advocates of relying on governmental management of just about every human endeavor does not believe in facilitating the requirements of a bustling private enterprise. Indeed, liberal progressives retain nothing but askance, hesitation, and bitterness for businesses that make “excessive profits.” President Obama said that an annual salary of $500,000.00 is more than enough money for anyone; implying that anything above that amount should be retained by the government.

Federal, state, county, and city governmental bureaucracies have a different slant on making more money; their unions have negotiated salaries, benefits, and pension retirement endowments worth far more than the private sector. The amounts of governmental pecuniary obligations (specifically for pensions) when measured against available present and future funds fall short by billions. If government was a private enterprise, not only would it be forced into bankruptcy but most of its leadership would be in jail. Nevertheless, for the acolytes of liberal progressivism, private enterprise is the one that suffers the wrath of scurrilous denunciation.

Liberal progressives have little to no faith in private enterprises’ ability to manage their moral righteousness or their civic, consumer, and employee obligations and responsibilities. Withstanding, private enterprises’ adherence to their obligations and responsibilities is in fact exactly what private enterprise does day-in-day-out. Indeed, without a profitable private enterprise, there would be no profit to tax and therefore no government to fund.

Yes, of course there have been and will continue to be dastardly, even outwardly evil persons managing private enterprise. Why not, private companies are made up of humans and thus are susceptible to dysfunctional behavior.

Protection in the form of regulation is a function of government; but government cannot regulate good sense or moral principles. Government decides civil and criminal violations, it can enforce laws; government has the judicial process within its governing apparatus, but, because government is created and manned by people, it requires explicit monitoring by a distrustful citizenry.

If we the people are not judicious in our distrustfulness of government, social security funds will be taken out of the lockbox trust and used by congress. Tax laws will be so Byzantine, ambiguous, and counter-sensible that the taxpayer will not understand the very laws they are bound by; the federal government will, by the arbitrary dispensing of tax dollars, encroach and eventually override state’s prerogatives and rights; congress could, possibly, establish budget busting entitlements; and before one knows, billions compounded by billions of dollars will be printed to fund federally owned and operated mortgage lending entities. So let’s keep our eye on the elected, the appointed, the staff, and apparatuses of government; otherwise, the preceding could actually happen.