1 07 2017

Authored by William Robert Barber

Prophetically, (as if I have prophetic powers) in my last blog I highlighted “Morning Joe,” noting that MSNBC owes theme and subject fees to the president since he is the day-to-day topic. Unknowing to me, the president was also watching Joe and Mica’s unrelenting personal attacks upon his person. Morning Joe’s writers, producers, and the regular cast of the ideologically aligned caught the angst of the president. Sadly, the president’s impulsive tweet did more good for the morning program than millions of dollars worth of advertising — or the guest appearance of Elvis Presley.

These signature Trump tweets are child-like dumb: allowing the “creative” progressives to broadcast that these tweets are symptomatic of a form of psychosomatic incoherence. Question: Why would the president insists on damaging his person and policy agenda to respond to “Morning Joe”? Answer: No one knows.

The status update on the Republican health care legislation is as follows: It’s dead; it’s alive; it’s on resuscitation; it has no chance… but somehow, something good will come out of all the discord and rancor.

These divergent concerns, interests, prerogatives of States are as old as 1789 and form the very basis of the reasoning of federalism. The concept of creating and operating a top-down national health care service that lowers premiums and deductibles while servicing more Americans, is equivalent to a maker of shoes producing one size and one color for all consumers. The national government cannot interrupt the healthcare requirements of States with differing needs. Therefore, the conflict will always deduce down to the States’ governors only pertinent question: How much federal funding is coming my way?

However, what the federal government has done (and continues to do) has far greater ramifications than the inability to satisfy the nation’s health care needs. The federal government is systematically buying off individual liberty with the illusionary currency of security.

Case in point, the last several years of President Obama’s Medicaid expansion is nothing less than the purposeful establishment of a single payer system. Medicaid intended as a healthcare safety net for the poor was ambushed; the Democrats simply changed the definition of poor.

No federal program is fiscally solvent. Our national debt is — when compared to reasonable fiscal prudence — horrendously out of synchronization; nonetheless, for our Congress spending more money is never an issue of and for fiscal anxiety.

Where is the prudent, the rational, and common sensibility of America’s noteworthy deductive reasoning? Oh yes, (for progressives) reasoning is circumvented in favor of “what elitists believe to be the common good.” Deductive reasoning is no longer a tenet of progressive thought. Now, days after losing an election, they comfortably believed they had won these polymaths of progressive thoughts, are busy striving to retain power, demeaning the Trump presidency, and wasting taxpayer monies on investigations, intent on chasing after what does not exist.



2 06 2017

Authored by William Robert Barber

The Democratic Party’s contention is that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians: They want that contention so badly to be true, they will settle for close-enough. For months, the Democratic political war machine and its media brethren have tried, retried, and then doubled down on trying to make the round fit into the square.

If outrage were a being instead of a manifestation, “outrage” would be the liberal media’s most vibrant protagonist. The Democratic Party’s outrage is, of course, a ruse, a false deceptive to achieve a political end; the purpose of which started thoughtlessly as a simple display of election disgruntlement and evolved into multipronged federal investigations. The Democrats intended to straightforwardly dishevel the Trump administration by creating the collusion with Russia fiction.

Now, however, the Obama administration and their cohorts are summoned to testify under oath. The how-come and why-for queries from senators and representatives will release to the public liberal progressive schemes, plots, and illegal leaks intentionally perpetrated to undermine the effectiveness of the Trump presidency.

“Morning Joe,” is an early morning televised liberal progressive “opinion” presenter/ interpreter of current events and affairs. The hosts gather their media regulars to discuss the actions of their program’s prolific maker of the newsworthy Donald J. Trump. From the beginning to end the show’s host and guests scurrilously roast the president over his actions, non-actions, and should-have-dones. The huddled supporting casts of re-occurring reporters, pundits, historians, democratic notables, and guest politicians — for the most part — do their share of casting rhetorically inflammable on to the roasting.

Hosted by Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Willie Geist, “Morning Joe” exhibits a jolliness of mutual satisfaction in the knowing of their moral rightfulness. Joe’s titillated gift of off-topic spontaneity and Mika’s obsessive animosity for the president’s policies, personality, and physical being. Willie’s eagerness to comply with whatever Mr. Scarborough suggests and implies or expresses rounds out the show’s theme.

Herein is the perfect example of “Morning Joe’s” ingratitude. NBC does not, despite his contribution to the show’s content, pay Donald Trump a dime. Without President Trump, the show’s ratings would retrograde to its previous dismal average.

In time the Republicans will pass the required upgrade on healthcare. For the ordinary citizen as well as corporations taxes will significantly abate, and the reporting thereof will simplify. All federal investigations will end. The assertion of “collusion” will prove to be unprovable; nevertheless, the Democrats will continue the unprovable diatribe until they lose the midterms.

Pissed-off and resolute in their resistance to accepting Donald Trump as president the Democrats will pursue their political philosophy shift to the socialistic left. Political correctness will dictate acceptable behavior. Their Ivy League credentials will dissuade alternative measures, their willful elitism only disorients and befuddles. The Democrats are signed on to a continuum of congruent political leftism that defines Bernie Sanders as a centralist and Hillary Clinton as conservative.

Acknowledging the tenor of America’s blue collar dissatisfaction with politics, as usual, is not possible for the Democratic leadership. Consequentially, notwithstanding Republican fumbles and the president’s tweets, the Democrats are lost in a Neverland of “what I want to be when I grow up” confusion. 


25 05 2017

Authored by William Robert Barber

The vitriol of the Democratic Party for the Trump presidency is intensely lethal. “The Party” is tactically aligned with an action group known as the “resistance.” This progressive movement is in practice a confederation of political leftists, socialists, and “useful idiots.” The movement’s sociopolitical dogmatism is encouraged by a fresh assortment of habitual contrarians and the always dependable coterie of collective utopians. The Democratic Party utilizes this progressive movement, which is in fact a reactionary force, too, by any means actionable, to impair the operational workings of the Trump administration and ravage President Trump’s personal reputation.

For those of progressive inclinations, the cause of Clinton’s defeat is too palpable to accept. The salutary effect of a Trump victory for conservative governance is so consequential that the Democrats and their Progressive brethren cannot, or should I emphasize, will never accept the Trump presidency as legitimate.

Therefore, the Democrats, aided by Trump’s rhetorical excess, initially conceived then judiciously devised and artfully propagated (with the assist of a willing media) the false narrative that the Trump campaign colluded (a more meaningful descriptive: conspired) with Putin’s Russia to avail Trump’s election victory while vilifying Clinton’s political and personal image.

This particular indictment (of conspiracy) requires no evidence, only flirtations of and with the imaginable. If the Democrats initiated a federal lawsuit claiming that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to win the election, the unadulterated absence of evidence would result in a dismissal. Of course, the current Congressional shenanigans (investigations) are not a lawsuit — it is a false flag expedition seeking to impair the Trump administration.

The Democrats proclaim Russia’s intervention in America’s elections as a serious detriment to the country’s democracy. I say that proclamation is ridiculous. The serious threat to our democracy is the preponderance of behavioral fraudulence perpetrated by the elected and the appointed. Governing is no longer the principal task of Congress. In fact, the process of legislating, administrating, and overseeing the workings of governance conflicts with the realpolitik of winning the next election. The principal task of Congress persons is for their political party to achieve the predomination of legislative, executive, and judicial authority.

There is a civil war raging between two distinctive political, socio-economic, and fiscal policy ideologies. The conflict is over the interpretation of the nation’s constitution and the concept of limited governance versus a government of unilateral determinations.

The political parties are at war. There will be no abatement of hotly contested disagreement. In the present tolerance, patience, and compromise are a historical reference, not a viable alternative to disputation.


17 05 2017

Authored by William Robert Barber

Motivated by Trump’s presidential victory and their humiliating loss the Democrats are hell-bent on destroying the president, even at the cost of debilitating the virility of America’s prowess. The Democrats are exuberantly hyperventilating over their command of the media-driven message. The president is role-playing a script written by Senator Schumer, directed by Nancy Pelosi, and produced by the DNC. President Trump’s performance is beyond the wildest expectations; the president is directly responsible for the success of the production’s writer, director, and producer.

Democrats have authored a fiction of zero redeemable merits; nonetheless, with the active efforts of the president to muck things up, the president is complicit in the degrading of his office and the Republican brand. By means consciously knowing, impulsively reckless, or wholly unintended, the president — with the help of portentous “leakers” — has in short order enabled his misdirection. 

By “hook or crook,” in other words, by any means necessary, the progressives, while shaping the hangman’s knot, have dominated the story, respective of facts. Stupefied by their leader’s naïve, often childlike reactive with media discourse, allies and friends are confused.

Remembering: in all of the accusations of misconduct the president acted well within his constitutional rights, there is no evidence to the contrary. The Russians’ efforts to influence the election for Trump over Clinton have no substantiation, ergo Trump is the president of the United States. I think that “ergo Trump is president” is the Democrats’ issue of preponderant concern.

One need not worry about Russian influence in the election when one has the Democratic Party manufacturing factoids. Naturally, the complicity of mainstream and cable media’s adherence to progressive ideology in line with Democratic messaging is helpful. After all, propaganda requires distribution and messaging is all about repetition; pound out the half-truths, hell outright lie, just do it with zest and often. In time, the truth evolves into irrelevancy.

This entire gambit played out by the Democrats is solely about the next election. The swamp is propagating not abating and the Democrats are feeding the alligators in hopes of regaining power.

For reasons just beyond my grasp (not able to articulate the why of it all) I do believe that the president will beat back today, as well as tomorrow’s scurrilous onslaught and redeem his political sway. The Democrats have overplayed their hand. Eventually, despite the “resistance’s” need to never end the investigating, the investigative era will end. President Trump will never be exonerated from the allegations of Russian collusion simply because the Democrats despite all findings of innocence will hold on to the falsehood that the lack of proof does not necessitate innocence. The Democrats hate the man as such no “evidence discovered” will suffice as an indictment. 

Now if we can just get the president to stop making the Democrats’ day…


7 05 2017

Authored by William Robert Barber

The earth is no longer flat nor positioned as the center of the universe… it once was. And once upon a time, not so very long ago, a king professed a divine right to rule and to dispute the king’s right was a sin. Well, the concept of such powers debunked. The U.S. Constitution at one time, definitively, enforced covenants such as popular sovereignty, limited government, separation of powers, federalism, and a system of checks and balances. These covenants are no longer. When implemented the covenants are no longer translucent, evident, and palpable. Now days, every covenant is subject to a legal process of arbitrary means and methods. The ligne claire of what is fact is eroding into the subjective and relative.  

The evolving acceptance, by institution and individual, of what facts are factual encroaches, even threatens the susceptibility of deductive thought. However, the actual crisis of righteousness for the average American layman exists not merely because of the prevalent ambiguity of “the law.” But principally, whether one is guilty or innocent, the dependence of the outcome is premised on money. In reality, justice and fairness have little to nothing to do with the legal process.

It is amusingly sad (and I say amusingly only because crying facilitates the same result) that the original constitutional covenants are so distorted from original meaning and spirit they are unrecognizable.  These distortions are directly responsible for the abatement of American values such as self-reliance, individualism, and liberty.

I do credit the Trump administration’s efforts to redirect this nation’s priorities. Seemingly, the progressives — or should I say the “resistance” — are on a Machiavellian quest. Their objective is to deny Republican success, even if that success would correct the nation’s failing healthcare system.

The Democratic Party believes that they can pacify all who-voted-for-Trump into willfully, yielding to the liberal progressive ideological belief system of governance. Well, after the successes of FDR and Obama I can understand the probability of such reasoning; nonetheless, there has been a political awakening and this emergence of “change” is vibrant.

But of course, the world once was flat and Obama was, remarkably, elected twice…


2 05 2017

Authored by William Robert Barber

It is implied that since the affirmation of this republic the three branches of America’s government are comprised of super-cognitive persons. Nonetheless, the miracle of the 1789 Constitution has been usurped by layers upon layers of wrong-headed judicial interpretation, ideologically driven distortion, and the nonsensical growth of a solo-driven unaccountable bureaucracy dedicated to processing. The law as written is no longer the assessment of its meaning; nowadays, the text of the law is subject to the prevailing thought, societal panache, or the cultural slant of a particular judicial review.

It is these “elected,” possessors of superior cognitive ability, graduates of renowned academies of smartness that rule. Indeed, congress is jam-packed with elected persons modeling many high-achievement validations for smartness.

Respective of being governed by the super-cognitive, laws put upon the governed over the last hundred years, is so burdensomely preponderant in ambiguity that  the common citizen is perplexed as well as wholly dependent on the anointed for a just interpretation. Additionally, covert lawlessness is no longer this nation’s most lethal threat to America’s sovereignty: The lethal threat is the statutorily compliant corruption of America’s original ideals. The perpetrators, the dastardly ones that threaten America’s traditional meaningfulness are the officers of the court and the elected. These persons reside in governments from the federal to the local level; their actions and non-actions have perverted the literal meanings of constitutional covenants and statutory laws to the point of opaque discernment.    

The basis of statutory compliant corruption is found in a manifold of distinctive variables. However, the origin that sophisticated the means as well as the pockets of those that governed plus incentivized the proliferation of statutorily compliant corruption was the ratification of the 16th amendment to the constitution. The use of taxation as the utility of legal larceny has been the mainstay cause of governmental enrichment. The enrichment of the governing régime has eliminated the practice of prudent oversight, encouraged deceit, and substituted tolerance for moral compliance. America’s out-of-control national debt and budget deficits are perfect examples of classic financial impairment. Nonetheless, both are ignored as containable by-products of a complex economy; in fact, both debt and deficit are sustained unabated by the elected whose sole interest is retention of status.

Today, the political parties and the media joust over the ideological fairness of taxable nitty-gritties; in my mind’s eye, the concept of taxing individuals is the reasoning of corruptive inducement. Therefore, the less people are taxed, the less inducement for corruption. Yes, government must be funded and taxation is the means; but when one cogitates over the irreconcilable abuse taxation has caused and is causing, the merit of taxation dilutes into a maxim: the less an individual is taxed, the better the socio-economic outcome.

The rational of funding government is sound; it is the implementation of such funding and the distribution system of tax dollars collected that initiates the wherewithal of corruption.

Every citizen should be taxed, otherwise the non-taxed have no measurable in their government. In fact, when one pays no tax whatsoever, is one effectively disenfranchised from citizenship? Those that have the legal definition of “more” should pay a static percentage more than average-taxed person. The sliding scale of taxation is un-American and distinctively unfair.

Taxation is the knife, fork, and spoon; the utility of government excess, indulgence, and corruption — it is the feeder of largeness and disconnect… less is definitively better.


21 04 2017

Authored by William Robert Barber

A democratically inclined republic is purposely vested in a representative form of governing. The representatives are elected by the people validating the founding principle of democracy. Therefore the republic qualifies as a government of, by, and for the citizens of the republic. All well and just as long as the citizens participate in elections and render all aspects of every form of government, political parties, and governing with clear-eyed askance.

There is however an issue of overriding concern. A concern that is plainly transparent, data palpable, and frankly, wholly unacceptable: Citizens do not sufficiently contribute to the process required to maintain this constitutional republic.

A significant portion of Americans are media driven voyeurs, effortlessly stimulated to accept and react. They call themselves political activists.

We are led by “Politicians.” The direct and well-worn meaning of the word is acknowledged. However, the word does denote other indirect colloquial meanings: such as “forked-tongue,” deceiver, manipulator of truthfulness, and disseminator of factoids. Legally, in the defense of his client or to elongate the term of adjudication, an officer of the court may lawfully exaggerate, lie, distort, or skirt the truth. Politicians, when speaking on the Senate floor or speaking to the nation’s citizens. are not obligated to speak the truth. They may — and do — exaggerate, lie, distort, and certainly skirt the truth.

The mainstay duty of a citizen is to not trust the government and to regard the politicians with askance. Instead, because of laziness, ignorance, and entertaining distractions we trust and thus, suffer the consequences.

We Americans trusted Eisenhower to end the war in Korea and subsequent administrations to protect America against the North Korean menace; instead, we have a gangster nuclear arm nation of fanatics. We trusted Truman’s decision not to cross the Yalu River and drop a nuclear bomb in communist China. We trusted Kennedy’s decisions not to invade Castro’s Cuba. We trusted Carter when he kicked out the Shah in favor of the religious fanatic. We went along with Carter giving up the Panama Canal to a military dictator. We trusted Johnson’s management of the Vietnam War and Nixon’s decision to enable defeat. Obviously, I could go on and on…

In the present, Iran enriched by Obama’s silliness is evermore the terrorist supporter. North Korea with nuclear capability is at the brink of killing hundreds of thousands in a losing war. And Russia bullies its weight around the peripheries of its sphere of incidental influence.

Since the end of WWII American political leadership will not, in favor of dalliances of convenience, accept international realities. Leadership has watched too many Hollywood movies wherein the hero as well as the villain is identifiable and the ending morally ordained.

Reality dictates that force of arms is the requirement of prelude to confrontation and the finale of said confrontation. The satisfactory ending of a present confrontation is nothing less than a prelude to the next confrontation; violent confrontation is a never ending continuum.

Our dilemma of present confrontation was created by enabling our enemies and thwarting prudence in favor of deception. Deception was necessary for reelection and an obligatory of sticking one’s head in the sand in the interest of supporting a policy of hopefulness.