18 03 2018

Authored by William Robert Barber

High school students (seemingly) believe that the solution to school shootings is to ban “assault weapons,” disallow magazines that hold more than ten rounds of ammo, and limit the purchase of rifles to citizens age 21 and over. Of course the advocates of these policies cannot define and distinguish an assault weapon from other high powered rifles. These very same, obviously, have never experienced life reliance on a rifle or pistol. They only have a cursory understanding of weapons, deriving their knowledge thereof from movies and the media.

Students are incentivized into action by their teachers who are often enough naïve, ignorant, and arrogant. They view the world from within the protective bubble of academia. Such erudition fashions a childlike perception that initiates a mindset of persistent delusional offerings. Students accordingly mimic and align. However, the sum is more a definitive example of a thoroughgoing contrariety steeped in the creation of numerous factoids so to facilitate contrarianism for the simple sake of the being inverse.

The subject of school shootings has evolved into Trump-hating wherein the NRA is the nasty culprit, and conservatives the enemy of the enlightened.

Persuasion exists to harness consensus. Persuasion requires the unabridged use of multiple ideological sources. The essence of an at-liberty society is the right of expression. This right is an individualist exercise of free will, an act intrinsically vested into one’s liberty and freedom.  One’s persuasion may fail to harness consensus; nonetheless, one’s right to persuade is fundamental in a representative government.

It is the students, the tenured erudite, the bureaucrats of academia and their supporting cast of liberal progressives that deny conservative or independent speech. They call such speech, “hate speech,” and refuse to allow dissemination.  

The supposition is that wonks and future wonks know best…



19 02 2018

Authored by William Robert Barber

The soiled wetness of unattended diapers intensifies their punitive intent in tantrums and suffering from false memory syndrome, progressives strike out against any and all that is not them. The democratic party spurned on to delinquent action by these vengeful few whose basis of cognitive thought is rooted in trusting self-creating factoids. The leadership of these pseudo geniuses of the ideological left has effectually and singlehandedly distorted deductive reasoning into a faith; a faith that avoids, per illogical analysis, empirical evidence contrary to their core beliefs.

The satisfaction derived from such faith-based conclusiveness ends the wanting(s) of and for the truth. Adhering to the content of ll Principe the Democrats passionately support their leftist shock troops. Caring less for the means caring more about the results. These disciples of Saul Alinsky have conceded to the crucibles of his dictum, embracing chaos while mitigating sensibility by fomenting deceitful ruses. These progressives offer conjecture and contrariness as the viable answer to the multitude of today’s pertinent societal and ideological questions and problems. 

Basking in the synthetically warm glow of egalitarian virtue, championing social justice, equating constitutional authority as an odium défilé recurrent with a legacy of immoral behaviour. Progressives with the aid and assist of Sympatico affiliates within academia and the media utilize anti-Trump sentiment to propagate a whimsical distortion of reality. Juxtaposing actual events into a re-scripted version purposed for liberal acceptance, inspired propaganda, and political contributions.  

The mainstay of their bearing is contra-Trump, pro-resistance, and con-republicanism. Their governmental strategy is to erect a top-down fiefdom managed by omnipotent wonks, serviced by a bureaucracy of useful dependents, and led by an elite intelligentsia of the influential.  The raison d’état is the “common good.” For the good of the common discretion incapacitates and maligns the rule of law wherein lawful compliance is the exception. The jurisdiction gives way to statutory compliant corruption and within this environment the connected rule. What one knows acquiesces to who one knows. The republic evolves into a Plutocracy, the U.S. Constitution into a relic, an artifact that documents the failure of self-governance. 

The contesting of ideas evenly presented to the people represents the moral righteousness of how it should be. At the same time one knows that such representation will never occur. Winning has eclipsed the meaningfulness of “for the good of the nation. ” Unless conservatives hold on to the House and gain sixty votes in the Senate, the ideals of Americanism will wallow. Circling within the maelstrom of political discourse, the “Swamp” wins.


14 02 2018

Authored by William Robert Barber

Among people freer than others there has always been unbridgeable ideological, theological, cultural, and societal differing. The means of expressing these differings determine the severity of the breach. Seemingly, the historical rule of choice, regardless of the particular issue of differing, demand actions acrimoniously irrational and unreasonable. It is as if the subject of disagreement is inconsequential, even forgotten, as long as the retribution is excruciating.

The Democrats initiated an investigation of President Trump. The investigation has found no evidence to sustain the original accusation. Nonetheless, the investigation and the charges continue. However, information has surfaced that the Democrats would rather not discuss, much less investigate.

Despite mounting evidence to the contrary the Democrats insist that the FBI and DOJ operated with clean hands when applying for their FISA warrants. They double-down on their declarations that there was no FBI inspired conspiracy afoot to delegitimize President Trump by extralegal means. They perpetuate, with less vigor, the falsehood that the Trump campaign colluded with the “Russians” to assure Trump’s electoral victory.

Like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle, the Democrats are frozen. To no avail spinmeisters allied with the political left do their very best to misdirect, deceive, and conjure the American audience to believe in their factoids.

One needs to understand that self-evident axiom, whether real and measurable or artificial and indeterminate, rarely overcomes a devoted believer’s belief. Some would conclude that these differings generated by a legacy of second party influence or by first party experience are the creators of determinative beliefs. Others believe logic and deduction culminate into indisputable facts. No matter the origin, the facts, or the truthfulness empirically embodied in the content. The chance of overturning a determinative belief by contrary facts is nil. The Democrats will not allow evidence to the contrary of their beliefs to interfere with their determinative.

So we are locked into the monumental waste of time and money, seeking what does not exist for the satisfaction of those that conjure falsities created for political gain. As I have mentioned many times, the corruption causing the greatest harm to our republic is statutorily compliant corruption perpetrated in the majority by licensed officers of the court and elected officials.


4 02 2018

Authored by William Robert Barber

I am bewildered and disappointed to read that the Democrats and ideologically inclined progressives worry that trust in this nation’s judicial institutions is at risk of serious abatement. That the rank and file, the employees of those that serve in these institutions specifically because of Congressional inquiry suffer, according to those on the political left, a dispiriting loss of morale. Plus in aggregate, the charge (presented by Democrats and progressives) is that (for the benefit of President Trump) an unjustified inquiry has developed into a scandalous “hit-piece” whose purpose erodes confidence in the Muller investigation.

The operative apparatus of government is managed and governed by human beings — not angels. Therefore inherently, the government is not a trustful entity; indeed, all governments are to some extent corrupt.The mandate for citizens of this (somewhat) democratic republic is to look upon government with deep-seated everlasting askance.

According to the news media and their progressive cohorts, Devin Nunes is the malefactor, the fiend that manufactured the four-page indictment of FBI and DOJ malfeasance. The counter-parties of transparency have issued an “all hands on deck” order to discredit and malign Nunes, Republicans serving on the investigative committee, and all who proport the memo as accurate.

My prediction, for one simple reason: at-hand comparison. The Democrats will never submit their version of a four-page memo. It is far more conspicuous to spout specious accusations than to defend authored words.

Surely, high-ranking members of the FBI, DOJ, and select officers of the intelligence community have nominally transgressed or outright violated statutory laws as well as their oath of office. These institutions have little to no respect for Congress or the Constitution. They consider themselves as autonomous fiefdoms and resent the concept of oversight.

The aid and abet of a sustained bureaucracy coupled with elected representatives serving term to term is a requirement for corruptive practice. The truth is, unelected chieftains manage the governing of this nation. Nunes merely highlighted the most recent lawlessness perpetrated by those appointed to respect and enforce the law. Those serving on oversight only know what is before them; they do not know what they do not know — or more pointedly, they are limited in what they can prove.

The flashing lights of last year’s election have hypnotised the resistance movement into a begruntle acknowledgment of President Trump’s electoral victory. Though presently the resistance is only concerned with his removal from office and stymieing any legislative cooperation is a fait accompli. For the Democrats the so-called “dreamers” can wait. After all, the president will not deport them, whole or part — and if he did order deportation, one can imagine the repercussions.

It should not be surprising that those in power violate the law as well as their oath. What is surprising is the reason that prompted such behavior. Imagine members of the FBI and DOJ deciding to hamper a duly elected president because they do not like his personality, wherewithal, and politics. A rational mind seeking a reasonable conclusion must deduce the obvious President Trump ran against the Democrats, the Republicans, the lefties, the DOJ, and the FBI — and still won. 


17 01 2018

Authored by William Robert Barber

For the Democratic Party contentiousness is the rhetorical instrument of choice. Resistance to all things emanating from Trump is the raison d’être of their liberal progressive thought. Allied with like-minded media, naïve Republican politicians, and a president that is his very worse antagonist sums into: advantage Democrats.

Panache and the superfluous have once again repressed, even subjugated the awesome righteous substance of his (Trump’s) achievements.

According to the ever-present barrage of the considered newsworthy, the American people are seemingly more interested in the particular profanity used in a private meeting with the president than the substantive purpose of the meeting. Of course aside from the profanity used, the concentration of concern is the description of certain countries as shitholes. Well, I’ve been to the countries mentioned. And excluding certain arm-guarded neighborhoods that protect the few from the more, they are shitholes. It just so happens that the population of these shitholes are not white Anglos. Therefore, to portray these people as NOT prime immigrant candidates for the United States repulses the politically correct elite of the progressive left.

Of course hypocrisy, deceitful conflation, misdirection, factoid adherence, and outright lies feed the narrative of the resistance’s insistence on abolishing the Trump presidency.

As demonstrated in the last election, the Democratic Party and their union bedfellows have lost — and are losing — the once always dependable positive gratitude of the blue-collar American. When scoring the operative merit of liberal progressive cities and states the commonality is high taxation, welfare dependence, excessive poverty, consumer indebtedness, impaired school systems, and unjustifiable numbers of here-to-stay illegal immigrants.  

Withstanding the heretofore (from a conservative’s view) achievements of the Trump administration; the pre-determinative deeply held ideological perceptions of the Democratic Party coupled with the motivation to capture the House of Representatives in the next election will not allow panegyric salutations.

In essence, the Republican party must hold on to the House of Representatives and increase membership in the Senate. Trump must re-validate the tenets of his political philosophy and governess.


5 01 2018

Authored by William Robert Barber

Does any objective clear-eyed person believe that Russian interference in our nation’s elections threatens our democracy? Is it not the common practice (for decades) of competitive nation states to seek, through clandestine efforts, election outcomes that favor their particular policy interpretive? Is it reasonable to discern that Russian surrogates spending thousands of dollars on social media could subvert our democracy?

The answer is no, yes, and no.

The Democrats and their brethren in the liberal-minded media have created a dragon. This particular dragon does not fly or exhale fire. It did however, according to Democrats, collude with the Russian government to elect Donald Trump president. No one has seen this dragon. However the conjecture is that by Knight Mueller, sword and shield in hand, patrolling through a series of deep caves the colluding dragon’s existence is forthcoming.

The Democrats desperately require an alternative to the Russian narrative and at the same time need to defend the FBI’s wrong doings as well as the obvious prejudice of Robert Mueller’s investigation. Of course the upcoming budget talks, DACA, immigration, chain migration, and the visa lottery system aggregate into multiple issues of contention from within and outside the party.

On the horizon are the mid-terms, an election that will either validate President Trump’s 2016 election or credit to the liberal-progressive resistance cause for a continuum of resistance.

Because of the hatred for the president I understand there’s fire in the belly of Democrats. This enthusiasm will result in a voter turnout that could overwhelm the Republican voter. Is there a liberal progressive wave election in the works? Will the Republican voters roll over and submit to this enthusiasm, paving the way for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker?

President Trump must re-establish his meaningfulness, validate his policies, and vindicate his moral standing; he can only achieve this if he, in a dominant manner, wins the next election.


20 12 2017

Authored by William Robert Barber

Legislation on the tax bill, pass or fail, is in its last stages of debate. The pros and cons of the issue boil down to what the government is going to keep to sustain the governing bureaucracy, how much will be directed to the qualified people to ease their burden, and what amount is allowed to vest in the pockets of the people.

The contesting of issues amongst the politicians no longer relies upon party affiliation but upon differing ideological beliefs and mores. Conservatives advocate a diminutive government; liberals want to defer all socio-economic concerns to governmental wonks, therefore, a larger government is inherent.

Progressives are practicing socialists that reject the title of socialist as well as the functional reality of their advocacy. However, as demonstrated by President Obama and presidential candidate Hillary, progressives function in a world of fanciful make-believe. Reality, no matter the empirical evidence of its existence, is ignored; my favorite foreign policy example is North Korea.

Class warfare is a favorite topic of progressives because it ensures degrees of chaos and contentiousness.  Interestingly, it is commonly known and sensibly understood that the few always have more in material wealth than the many. The dichotomies between the have less and those that have more are historically blatant. Nonetheless, in the modern world all socio-economic schemes inclusive of socio-equalitarianism and egalitarianism in general results (for the populous) in the loss of individual liberty, personal freedoms, and the establishment of a Kleptocracy managed by armed Kleptocrats.   

The consequence of utilizing taxation as the means of wealth redistribution took form in 1910, wherein, the 16th amendment to the constitution. “The Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”  Those that have (the few) acknowledged that socio-economic order requires the distribution of their wealth and have agreed that government taxation is the better arbitrator. What they did not count on was the government’s ability to tax excessively. Imagine in 1910 the tax was limited to 6%.

Premised on the egalitarian determinant that those who earn or have more pay more than those who have less is purposely designed to eliminate any taxable obligation to any person earning less than a certain annual amount. The sum of this system is (for those that earn below the taxable minimum) to disenfranchise this, earning-less class, of the citizens from any concern over any political ramifications. Unless threatened by a change in the progressive tax system why vote? Why participate in electing the ruling class?

The true power of a government rests not only in power to tax but also in the wherewithal to pick and choose on the disbursement of tax revenue. For reasons documented and implied, lawful and extralegal, Congress, overwhelmed by the weight of its distorted process, autocratic dysfunction and statutorily compliant corruption has confederated into warring pieces and parts.

However, I do believe if the United States Congress legislates a significant decrease in corporate taxes the nation wins.