When Does Redistribution of Wealth Become Highway Robbery?

When Is Enough-Enough?
Authored by:  William Robert Barber

I have a small business; the business employees less than 30-people. My business is highly regulated and subject to scheduled audits by my sponsoring banks, as well as, VISA and MasterCard. Naturally, like every other business in America I am required to risk capital and resources so to meet current obligations; it is understood that if I do not create cash flow and profits I will loose my capital. I understood going into the investment that there are no guarantees issued by the US Government to insure my investment; I also understood, that if I did produce a GAAP measure of profit those profits were subject to a federal tax of 35%. Additionally, if the business issued a dividend to the shareholder that dividend was taxed at 15% and depending on my tax bracket I could be taxed once again on my personal income tax obligation at 35%.Read More »